K.S. Weddings is a certified wedding planning service based in Winnipeg, Manitoba but always will take on out of town clients!

We LOVE love!

We believe that your special day should not be weighing down on you. The way that can be achieved is leaving all of it up to a professional… Let me take the wheel!

At K.S. Weddings, we are here to create an experience wedding photography in Winnipeg that reflects your story and who you are as individuals. Stories are huge and play such a significant role in your relationship, you are definately going to want that to be shared on your wedding day!

Details are everything, there is so much importance in getting those right and having reality match your dreams! This is your day and you don’t want stress upon yourself nor your friends and family, so put it on me. I’d be happy to coordinate your day and be there every step of the way!

Our Services

Full Wedding Planning

Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life and you’re going to want it to be perfect! No better way to achieve that than by hiring a trained professional to take the wheel and do it for you! If you are someone who gets overwhelmed easily, works a full time job or your schedule is busy from beginning to end, this is definitely the package for you!

What this includes:

  • Monthly check in meetings/consultations, unlimited access to text, phone call and email support

  • Budget Creation and Management

  • Wedding Design

  • Vendor and Venue Management and Suggestions

  • Creation of Itinerary

  • Coordination of Wedding Rehearsal, Ceremony and Reception

  • Theme + Colour Palette

  • And more!

Partial Wedding Planning

You like the idea of planning your big day, but you have little knowledge of the logistics of the process. You’re in luck because I am here to come alongside with you and answer any and all questions and provide guidance through all your decisions! If you feel stuck or stressed about certain aspects of the planning, hand it over to me and I will take that weight off of you!

What this can include:

  • Guidance through staying within budget

  • Vendor and Venue Management or Review

  • Monthly check in meetings/consultations

  • Creation of Itinerary

  • Coordination of Wedding Rehearsal, Ceremony and Reception

  • Anything you may need help with!

Wedding Day Coordination

You enjoy all things planning and enjoy getting everything done for your own personal day. After all this planning, you love the idea of being unbothered on your wedding day! I have a service that provides you with a stress free wedding day! I also help with last minute touches, changes and reviews,  as well as guidance for the last month before the day. 

What this includes:

  • Meeting one month and/or 2 weeks prior to the wedding day to finalize any unfinished details and to ensure that everything is organized and ready 

  • Confirmation of all vendors

  • Final venue viewing

  • Creation of Itineraries

  • Direction of Wedding Rehearsal

  • Venue Set Up if need be (some venues set up for you)

  • Coordination of the entire wedding day, ensuring everything runs smoothly (any issues are brought to me, not the couple or couple’s family) 


Who we are


Owner | Planner | Photographer


K.S. Weddings is founded and operated by Katy Scott, a certified wedding planner based out of Winnipeg. She received her Wedding Planning Certificate from New Skills Academy and spent a significant amount of time completing the course and studying the material to further gain knowledge on the best ways to plan someones dream wedding!

I have always been a sucker for love and relationships, the whole subject is so dreamy! I have a passion for sharing stories through art and events, so what better career for me than wedding planning?! The thought of putting together all the details of someones big day warms my heart and it gets even better when I am able to cut costs and making the couple financially happy while doing it!

I have a firing passion for travel, although, I haven’t been able to do much in my life so far. With that being said, if you are someone who is looking to plan a wedding abroad, count me in!

As much as planning a wedding is a lot of fun, it’s also a lot of work. That’s why I’m here; to minimize your stress and walk you through our process.


145 Sage Creek Blvd Winnipeg, MB, R3X 0R8 Canada