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is natural and warm, creating a fun and artsy experience for couples even with no experience. As a Winnipeg Wedding Photographer it’s my job to capture photos that feel like you.
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About Me

I’m Carlton and I get to do my favourite hobby as a job. I think that’s pretty cool. I grew up in South America where my parents worked. When I moved to Canada in Highschool I was given a cheap camera. This began endless hours of youtube and practice.

I started White Willow Photography in Grade 11. I feel like a lot of people go through a photography phase, but for me it stuck. Soon enough I was a Winnipeg Wedding Photographer.

But what really made photography my passion was this…

 This story has changed everything for me. It’s an important one! Believe it or not I don’t do this for just the money.  I got into photography as a creative outlet, the business came soon after. I didn’t know what I was getting into but I had the drive to get there. One of my first weddings I got to hang out with an amazing couple. It was so much fun! Not 24 hours after the wedding the groom passed away suddenly. It was a real shock to everyone. But most of all it gave a different meaning to the photos. The wedding photos were used for the funeral. Later I watched the wedding video and I realized the importance of photos and video. But also the importance of sharing each moment with your loved ones. – Life is a blessing – Weddings are more than a party – Photos are important – Time is a gift That’s the mindset I’ve been bringing towards each wedding. I count each day I get to capture wedding photos as a blessing! <3




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