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Want to know why I love couple photo shoots? Because it’s two people that fit so well together, that know exactly how to make each other laugh and what to do when their significant other is sad. Together those two people go through hardships but love each other through it, and that’s worth celebrating. The love two people have is more then love at first sight or love from a Disney movie. It’s fought for and cared for.

So when I take photos of couples you can see what’s there is real. I like to take time to try to understand their story, so I can properly show it through the photos. 

 So if you’re planning on proposing on the top of a mountain, or going for a walk through Birds Hill, or just having an adventure at home, I would love to be there to help celebrate your love story

   Want to bring more love into your next couple session? Try to bring more meaning and thought into it. For example try taking photos in a place that is meaningful to you or bring a prop. Maybe she loves when you play the guitar for  her, bring it along! Maybe you can write her a love note and have her read it. The possibilities are endless, find a way to make your significant other feel loved during your next session!

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The Couple & Engagement Experience

Couple Package


Grab your significant other and meet me at the park for a photo shoot! What makes couple and engagement shoots one of my favourite types of shoots is the amount of laughs and giggles we get to have! Let’s dance to music, go for a walk in the park, or just stay at home! I have the privilege to help couples each year to plan their special photo shoot to make it fun and meaningful for them. Winnipeg is filled with amazing spots to make memories and get some sweet shots! I would love to hear more about you and your amazing love story! Feel free to contact me anytime, even if it’s just to ask some questions!

– 1 Hour Photo shoot

– Online Gallery

– 20-50 High Resolution Edited Images

Engagement Package


I’ll get this out of the way.. I would LOVE to be stuck in some bushes while trying to get some photos of your engagement! Nothing gets me more excited then being able to celebrate a new step in your relationship! Wether it’s a live engagement or it’s after the fact, I want to get you those jaw dropping photos that are perfect for your Save the Dates invitations. 

– 1 Hour Photo shoot

– Online Gallery

– 20-50 High Resolution Edited Images

Elopement Packages Alberta

Adventure Package


If you’re anything like me then you’ve had those special moments on dates but you’ve only got a poor iPhone picture to remember it by. Those photos will always be special to me no matter the quality. However this package gets the best of both worlds. 

The Adventure Package looks like what ever your perfect date is, but you can leave the planning to me. Want to go canoeing or for a beautiful hike? Or maybe you want to have a beautiful picnic at sunset. I want to help make special memories and get those jaw dropping photos to keep those memories forever!

I would love to talk with you and your significant other and start planning your adventure!

2-3 Hours

40-70+ Photos

Online Gallery

3 (5×7) Prints

Gift Cards

A gift card can be made out to any amount and is the perfect gift for your loved one! Contact me for purchase.

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