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Mentor Sessions, Guides, Tutorials and more! This is your one stop shop if you are wanting to up-level your business. This page contains a lot of free resources for you to use!

Mentor Sessions

The reality is you could be an amazing photographer but as long as you don’t know the MILLIONS of things about business, then you might not grow…

Mentor Sessions are SOOOO important. Business can be overwhelming and getting answers to all the questions we have can feel impossible.

Photography / Business / SEO

Videos + Blogs

Want more resources? Great! I’ve had a lot of fun being able to create for my fellow business owners and photographers. 

You’ll find blogs about how to pose your clients and my favourites spots to take photos and more!

Check it out!


Guides are a great thing to send clients to show your professionalism and a reason why they should pick you.

It’s a great way to level up your business.

I’ll have them up for download soon!


Photographers helping Photographers

Ask your questions here! I’ll try to get back to you!


All guides are free for download!

Mentor Sessions

Q+A Package


1 hour sit down with me to answer all your business/photography questions. Let’s grab coffee and figure this out together!

Styled Shoot


Sit down with me and answer some of your questions. Then come on a photo shoot with me and help build your shooting experience and portfolio!

+$100 Wedding Styled Shoot

Bizz Revamped


Over 6 months we set goals and meet every month to help meet your goals. Includes one couple styled shoot.


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