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Bc Elopement Packages

Imagine this! Getting to marry your best friend with one of the most stunning views, there’s no stress about your wedding day. You get to focus on enjoying the most beautiful moment with your significant other. Years later you get to walk past those stunning photos on your wall reminding you of that beautiful day and the start of something amazing! Bc Elopement Packages.

I’m in! Let’s plan your perfect day and make it happen! The best part is we get to make it unique to you and your relationship. Want to take a helicopter to a mountain peak, or maybe you want to have your First Look in front of a water fall. 

Let’s do it! 

Bc Elopement Packages

Making your dream photos fun!

If you’re anything like me then you probably feel awkward in front of the camera and don’t know what to do. Well that’s pretty normal, but with the right photographer (hint hint) photos can be fun and you can look like a model without having to pretend to be one! You just have to be yourself. Suddenly taking photos sounds a little more fun 🙂

Bc Elopement Packages

Pricing starting at $2500.

Since you’re day will be unique to you, that means your packages can be custom to your needs. Below are just some guidelines, I’d love if you reached out and told me more about your day so we can put together the PERFECT package for you!

Basic Package

5 Hours

1 Location

300 Photos

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bc elopement packages

Premium Package

9 Hours

3+ Location

500 Photos

Let’s do this!

Here’s the part where we take the first step to planning the perfect day for you! Tell me about your dream day, your concerns, your story, I want to hear it all!  


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