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Engagement Photographer Portland Oregon

Your love life is worth celebrating. Heck its even worth remembering. Life isn’t always easy. Getting your photo taken is more than just updating your Instagram feed, it’s about saying this is “my person” that I love doing life with. That’s why I’m an Engagement Photographer Portland Oregon.


Engagement Photographer Portland Oregon

Say goodbye to awkward posing

Can we please change our view about photos. It doesn’t have to be awkward and boring. Photo shoots should be fun, maybe even an adventure! Why not! Let’s do something fun like go to the beach! Or get ice cream?!? The skies the limit on this one. Reach out to me and I would LOVE to plan something fun with you!


My Style

My photos often come out with a warm happy and natural look. I don’t often pose people, instead I give prompts that help you two be yourselves in front of the camera. This is much more fun and comes out more natural. Like I mentioned I edit with a warmer happier look instead of a dark moody vibe. Because of this my favourite time to shoot is golden hour. (Classic Photographer) Most of my photos are from shoots from people that say “We are bad at taking photos” or “We always look bad in pictures”. This is never the case. Photos are about capturing who you two are, whether they are awkward or not is totally up to your photographer.

Winnipeg photographer

About Me

Hey There! If you haven’t guessed by now I like taking photos. So much that I travel across Canada and US taking photos of some of the most amazing people. I call Winnipeg, Canada home but I’ll never say no to a trip 🙂

I’m a big animal person, if you have a dog I need to meet Him/Her. I also love Chocolate, Coffee, Hikes, and meeting new people. I started photography in Grade 10, when someone left a camera at my house. Now Photography is the best hobby/job I could ask for!

Let’s not just be Instagram Friends, Let’s be real Friends!

Engagement Photographer Portland Oregon


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