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I’m honoured to have Brides and Grooms every year trust me with their wedding photos. Not only for weddings but each family session and each engagement really means the world to me. That I’m able to capture just a little of someones story so they can cherish it forever.

If you want to check out more stories from past weddings then check out my blog

One of the questions I most often get is where did I learn photography? I always have a hard time answering that question. Because Winnipeg doesn’t offer the greatest courses to learn from. So it’s better to learn from those around you. But “self taught” doesn’t always have the greatest ring to it. I first picked up a camera in grade 10 and from there I loved fiddling with it. My grandpa then taught me how to use all the buttons and modes. It wasn’t until I started doing portraits that I considered starting a business. I loved every minute of it. One of my life mentors runs a videography business here in Winnipeg and he taught me everything I needed to know to start off and he gave me the opportunities to learn. After I graduated from High School I looked into universally for photography and not to brag but at this point I already knew everything that was being taught. So although Self Taught can put up some red flags, I learned from some of the best and I continue to learn from those around me 🙂



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