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Finding the Perfect Winnipeg Wedding Videographer

If you’re looking for the perfect Winnipeg wedding videographer to capture your special day, you’ve come to the right place. Here, we will discuss what qualities to look for in a videographer and how to make sure that your memories are captured with stunning imagery and soundproof recordings!

Winnipeg Wedding Videography

Before you start reaching out to Videographers I recommend coming up with exactly what you’re looking for as well as your budget. You may be able to find a package deals with photographers that partner with Videographers. I hate to be that guy but I’m about to plug my own business because I can. My business (White Willow Photography) provides both video and photos for the Manitoba area. Find out more here! Or Contact Us.

Winnipeg Wedding Videography

Now that we got that out of the way, I’ll also be sharing a list of Videographers that may just fit your needs. But first…

Things to Consider

“Do I want a highlight film of the whole day?”

“Do I want a highlight film as well as a speech film?” (A highlight film is a highlight reel from the day but a speech film shows the speeches without any cuts)

“What’s my budget?’

“What style am I looking for?”

How much does a Winnipeg Wedding Videographer cost?

The price of a Winnipeg Wedding Videographers can be scary. Really scary… They can range anywhere from $500-$2500 for a cheap videographer but $3000-$6000+ for a professional high end videographer. These prices are what push people to hire their cousin Jimmy that just started using a camera but calls himself a videographer. (No offence to all Jimmy’s out there)

But in reality you don’t need to sacrifice your budget or your videography dreams. If budget is a problem there’s plenty of videographers that have the talent but they don’t have the popularity to book out yet. 

That’s another important thing to note. If you’re looking into a pricier videographer, they get booked up really fast. 

Videographers I Love & Trust

Winnipeg Wedding Videography

“Why do Videographers Cost so Much?!”

There’s a lot of thought that goes into setting pricing as a photographer/videographer. But what I think is most important to realize is that your videographer isn’t ripping you off by charging what they charge. Here’s just a couple things videographers got to put money into.

  • Pc / laptop $2500
  • Multiple Cameras $8000
  • Subscriptions $150 / month
  • Lenses $4000

When you hire a videographer they’re putting a chunk of that away for the next time a camera needs replacing. Another common response I’ve heard is “you didn’t even go to university, why should I be paying so much.” Although it’s true that most videographers don’t go to University for Wedding Videographer (Simply because there isn’t such a course) They are still always putting in time and money into courses to refine their skill.

Winnipeg Wedding Videographer

I hope you have had all your questions answered! If not I would love to chat and maybe I can point you in the right direction. Happy Planning!

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