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Elopement Packages Alberta

Locations: Canmore, Banff, Jasper, Icefields Parkway, Alberta

   I know there were a lot of negative thoughts towards eloping. But much of that is changing. For years I’ve photographed small weddings and large weddings. My favorite part of each of these is that two people get to come together and celebrate the love they have for each other. Here’s my Elopement Packages Alberta!

Got no idea where to start? That’s okay! The possibilities are endless. Want to helicopter to the top of a mountain and get married with the best view ever, or maybe you want to spend the day where you had your first date. The whole point is doing what will make you two feel special and I’m here to help! I understand there’s no guide on how to plan your elopement. Your day will be unique to you. That’s why I want to come alongside and help you plan your perfect day! 


I find it such an honor to share these special moments with each bride and groom I meet. I can’t wait to laugh and cry with you and share in this awesome adventure! 

Elopement Packages Alberta



Eloping is a chance to throw aside traditions and peoples expectations. Let’s be real, you really don’t want to waste your wedding budget on Aunty Lesa’s new boyfriend. So if any of these pros resonate with you, then it might be your sign to elope. Check out my Elopement Packages Alberta below!

  • Would rather spend your wedding budget on your experience.
  • Large groups of people don’t appeal to you
  • You want to save money
  • You’re ready for an adventure

Elopement Packages Alberta

Adventure Elopement

Each elopement package includes:

  • Wedding planning assistance, including booking, location scouting, etc
  • Travel Fee included


Do you need a photographer for 2 hours or 12 hours?

Do you love hiking? Or maybe it’s not your favorite thing in the world.

Packages starting at $1500

Contact to get a rough estimate

Elopement Packages Alberta


Keith Lang

“Very friendly and professional with reasonable rates. We were very pleased with the attention given to timing. A nice experience, and we would recommend White Willow Photography to anyone needing their service.”

Winnipeg Tent Rentals

As a Winnipeg Wedding Photographer…

I’ve been around weddings enough to know where to get what. So I’m about to hook you up with the best places to get tent rentals in Winnipeg. These could easily be for your Winnipeg wedding or any other event! So instead of ranting on and on about this lets get straight into the information. (I know you’re here for the info)

Winnipeg Tent Rentals

#1 Springfield Tent Rentals


Springfield is a perfect choice if you’re wanting to rent a tent in the months of May-August. They have mini lights to light up your reception and a dance floor to throw down on. They serve the RM of Springfield and some of the surrounding areas. Make sure to check them out!


#2 Weatherwise Tent Rentals


They got you covered! They have been operating since 1996. Weatherwise tents are designed to be elegant and attractive. They are made with premium white materials. But don’t take my word for it! Go check them out!

#3 C&T Event Rentals


By far my favorite tent rental company! But I may be bias, because I really enjoy the white clean vibe they got going on. Especially with their website, go check it out! It’s pretty nice. They don’t only have tents but also other wedding rental equipment such as chairs, tables and décor.

Consider this for your Winnipeg Wedding

Here’s some extra tips and things to remember when renting a tent. 

  • Consider your location
  • Power/Water/Lighting
  • Weather
  • Location
  • Accessibility

Now all that’s left to do is grab your wedding tent! If you have anymore requests and questions I would be happy to help!

5 Best Venues in Winnipeg Manitoba

  As a Winnipeg wedding photographer, it’s valid to say that I’ve done my fair share of investigating not only for amazing places to take photos, but amazing places to have the wedding as whole! So, I thought I’d share what I’ve learned, to potentially save you a few steps in your planning! Here are my top 5 wedding venues in Winnipeg.

  1. Hawthorn Estates 

Let’s start with a popular one, Hawthorn Estates. There’s definitely a reason for its popularity… it’s absolutely breathtaking! It has the perfect balance between the rustic style and elegance. Hawthorn Estates is located just 15 minutes away from Selkirk, it’s not too far, but far enough away to be quite private! Their venue can hold up to 150 guests! On its property, it has a modern barn for an indoor event or a five acre lot filled with so many opportunities for a gorgeous outdoor wedding. A few spots such as the “marriage hill” and “the solarium” have such great and romantic set up potential. It has surrounding farmland and a lot of private grounds for those intimate couple photos! (My favourite part). Not only does this venue have beautiful reception and ceremony set ups, but they have a Hawthorn House… a perfect opportunity to get those IDEAL indoor house couple/engagement photos! A photographers dream!

If you’re intrigued, check out their social media, website and reviews for more information:

Website: https://www.hawthornestates.ca
Instagram: https://instagram.com/hawthornestates?igshid=jowvr2zs4zko

If you’re looking to make your photographer really happy here are some things we look for.

  • Shade! Life saver on those harsh sunny days!
  • Good background, including a variation in locations without having to go to far.
  • Big open area for those nice bridal party shots!

 2. Prairie Homestead Weddings 

Next, I want to emphasize my love for Prairie Homestead Weddings. If you’re from Manitoba, I’m sure you can appreciate the name of their venue. Like Hawthorn Estates, this venue also has the perfect balance between the rustic style and elegance. Prairie Homestead might beat all of my top venues in the romance department and I’ll tell you why. Inside the dome like indoor facility, there are lights strung along the ceiling and a gorgeous chandelier, setting the mood. Also, the beautiful trees on the property have string lights hanging from the branches, making it look so unbelievably romantic. (Would be such a great photo opportunity, just saying). I’m a sucker for lighting – I’m a photographer, what can I say – so when I see a venue spice up their space with lights, it gets me so excited! Get this, their reception shed can hold up to 225 people! If you and your fiancé are planning to get getting ready photos done (you should), the bride will be very happy with the space she’s provided with… my girlfriend would tell me it’s the best part about the venue.

Check out these links to learn more:

Website: http://prairiehomesteadweddings.com
Instagram: https://instagram.com/prairiehomesteadweddings?igshid=mbwwhzhwv0s

 3. The Gables Wedding Barn

Farmhouse, but make it elegant. That’s the Gables Wedding Barn for you. A genius combination if you ask me. I couldn’t have designed a better looking venue, I give you my word. The modern, yet farm like white exterior of the barn is eye candy. The dream wedding photo location. The maximum guest number is a sweet spot at 200, not too many, not too restrictive. Perfect amount for the average wedding size! Something that makes this venue unique is that they have an outdoor option next to a wheat field which (trust me) looks absolutely stunning in photos! Besides the eye pleasing structural facility, they have a great list of preferred vendors to make your wedding planning even more easier for you! They also include a bunch of rentals in the venue booking fee (that’s a win). If you’re a fan of farmhouse like me, this is definitely, 100%, without a doubt, the spot for you and your fiancé!

My description doesn’t do them justice, take a look for yourself:

Website: https://www.thegablesweddingbarn.com
Inbstagram: https://instagram.com/gablesweddingbarn?igshid=1lqwopfz20gwv

  4.Cielo’s Garden

This location lands near Steinbach and needless to say… its gorgeous! If you want your wedding to be surrounded by nature where every you look, this is your place. If this venue fits your colour pallet and style you’re golden. 

Not only is their venue beautiful but their staff are next level. You’ll never feel so taken care of by anyone else!

Website: https://www.cielosgarden.com/Website: 
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/cielosgarden/?hl=enInbstagram: 

  5. Clear Lake – Elkhorn and Danceland

Last but not least I’m hitting you with a beautiful outdoor venue. As a huge outdoors guy I absolutely love this venue. This venue is right by a golf course and looks over the water. With the right light this location is stunning. After your ceremony you have the option to go down to the waters edge to take stunning sunset photos. Definitely worth considering!


Website: https://www.elkhornresort.mb.ca/weddings
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/elkhornresort/?hl=enInstagram: 


Finding the venue that suits you the best is tricky but definitely worth the work! No matter what venue you pick remember that the most important thing about your wedding will always be the experience. Make sure you do what you can to make the planning and even the wedding day a positive experience. Be in the moment and capture those memories!

Bring Love into your Couple Photo Shoot

Engagement photo session holding hands

   Want to know why I love couple photo shoots so much? Because it’s two people that fit so well together, that know exactly how to make each other laugh and what to do when their significant other is sad. Together those two people go through hardships but love each other through it, and that’s worth celebrating. The love two people have is more then love at first sight or love from a Disney movie.

   Over the years I’ve taken photos with different couples. But the ones that always get me so excited are the ones that express their love to their significant other. I understand that it’s a little different in front of a camera. Especially for shy couples. That’s why I wanted to give you guys a couple steps to bring more life into your photos!

Airplane hands pose during an engagement photo session
  1. Think of a Meaningful Loation

   Your photographer might know of some really cool locations that will make the photos turn out really well. However if you want the photos to be truly special then find a location that means a lot to you! This might be in your house, or where you had your first date. The possibilities are endless. Find a location that describes your relationship. Your photographer wont know a location that is special to you or meaningful. 

   Makoy and Dani (In the photo above) asked me to take photos at La Barrier Park in Winnipeg. Although I haven’t taken photos here before I did know the location some what. Arriving at the location they pointed out to me their favourite spots at the park. We ended up find some nice shade with pine trees behind. We were able to work together to find a location that meant a lot to them and a spot at the location that was great for photos. At first they didn’t tell me but this was actually where they got engaged. At the end the of photo shoot they took me to where Makoy got on one knee. These photos didn’t only turn out amazing but they were also special to the couple.

2. Bring a Meaningful Prop

   You and your significant other know your relationship better than anyone else does. That’s why it’s up to you to think of a prop to bring to your couple photo shoot. Trust me it will make your photographers day! 

   Here’s some examples to get the ideas moving. Bring your fancy car and get some photos to show off both your significant other and your new rims. Another idea is a guitar. Maybe it means a lot to your partner that you play to them. Bring it along and have a picnic and play her some tunes! Maybe even bring a book and read it to each other. 

   The possibilities are endless. It’s an easy way to step up your couple photo shoot and bring meaning into it! 

Engagement photo session during golden hour

3. Love Languages

   Okay here it goes! Here’s the big one. Love languages, have you heard of it? By no means is this a concept I came up with. Gary Chapman wrote the book 5 Love Languages.

If you aren’t familiar with this concept I’ll give a short overview. It’s the idea that in a relationship each of us have one or two ways we feel most loved. Either Words of Affirmation, Acts of Service, Receiving Gifts, Quality Time, or Physical Touch. The book really goes deep into these and I highly recommend reading it. #NotSponsored If you would like to take the test on which love language you have you can do that HERE.

   After figuring out what love language your significant other is we can then figure out how to show them the way they feel loved on your photo shoot! Here’s some more examples

  • Words of Affirmation: Surprise them with a hand written love note, say something cute into their ear, compliment them.
  • Acts of Service: Go out of your way to help them, tell them on your photo shoot that you’ll cook when you get home. Ask them how you can help them. Make them something that you had to put effort into.
  • Receiving Gifts: Go buy them a small gift to give them, buy them flowers. 
  • Quality Time: On your photo shoot do something they like to do. Be thoughtful when picking how you spend your time. If they like reading a book together then do that!
  • Physical Touch: Get spicy! Get out of your comfort zone to show them love!

   I understand doing this might be an intimate moment, if you need to tell your photographer to give you two a moment or to take photos from a distant then do that. Don’t take these tips as rules but instead as guidance. You alone will know how to make your partner feel loved.


Melanie & Kyle

Wedding Couple Photography in Winnipeg Manitoba taken by Winnipeg Wedding Photographer

Winnipeg Wedding Photography

Melanie and Kyle are such a fun and cute couple. They absolutely killed their wedding day photos and made the best out of their COVID wedding. They actually planned their wedding only a day or two before their wedding day. I really believe you enjoy your wedding day when you take time to enjoy the moment and not stress that everything needs to be perfect.


 It’s good to be involved in your planning but don’t become consumed by it. Enjoy the moments you get to share with your significant other. The more you stress about having everything PERFECT the less you’ll enjoy the day!

Intimate weddings are becoming more and more my favorite type of weddings. As much as I love a big fancy wedding, there’s something about being able to eat pizza with your family.  Here’s some photos from the wedding!

Wedding Couple Photography in Winnipeg Manitoba taken by Winnipeg Wedding Photographer
Wedding Couple Photography in Winnipeg Manitoba taken by Winnipeg Wedding Photographer
Wedding Couple Photography in Winnipeg Manitoba taken by Winnipeg Wedding Photographer
Wedding Couple Photography in Winnipeg Manitoba taken by Winnipeg Wedding Photographer
Wedding Couple Photography in Winnipeg Manitoba taken by Winnipeg Wedding Photographer
Wedding Couple Photography in Winnipeg Manitoba taken by Winnipeg Wedding Photographer
Wedding Couple Photography in Winnipeg Manitoba taken by Winnipeg Wedding Photographer
Wedding Couple Photography in Winnipeg Manitoba taken by Winnipeg Wedding Photographer
Wedding Couple Photography in Winnipeg Manitoba taken by Winnipeg Wedding Photographer
Wedding Couple Photography in Winnipeg Manitoba taken by Winnipeg Wedding Photographer
Wedding Couple Photography in Winnipeg Manitoba taken by Winnipeg Wedding Photographer
Wedding Couple Photography in Winnipeg Manitoba taken by Winnipeg Wedding Photographer


After the ceremony we took a drive to Bunn’s Creek Park. Honestly for a small park in the middle of the city it had amazing colours and landscape. Here we took the family photos as well as the wedding party photos. What makes these photos some of my favorite is the amount of kids that attended the wedding. It was a blast to be able to take photos with all the kids having fun in the park. 

This wedding took place in fall and you can tell that the colour of the leaves is amazing! I personally really love how these photos came out! Also Melanie and Kyle are great models 😉


Wedding Couple Photography in Winnipeg Manitoba taken by Winnipeg Wedding Photographer
Wedding Couple Photography in Winnipeg Manitoba taken by Winnipeg Wedding Photographer
Wedding Couple Photography in Winnipeg Manitoba taken by Winnipeg Wedding Photographer
Wedding Couple Photography in Winnipeg Manitoba taken by Winnipeg Wedding Photographer
Wedding Couple Photography in Winnipeg Manitoba taken by Winnipeg Wedding Photographer
Wedding Couple Photography in Winnipeg Manitoba taken by Winnipeg Wedding Photographer
Wedding Couple Photography in Winnipeg Manitoba taken by Winnipeg Wedding Photographer
Wedding Couple Photography in Winnipeg Manitoba taken by Winnipeg Wedding Photographer
Wedding Couple Photography in Winnipeg Manitoba taken by Winnipeg Wedding Photographer
Wedding Couple Photography in Winnipeg Manitoba taken by Winnipeg Wedding Photographer
Wedding Couple Photography in Winnipeg Manitoba taken by Winnipeg Wedding Photographer
Wedding Couple Photography in Winnipeg Manitoba taken by Winnipeg Wedding Photographer
Wedding Couple Photography in Winnipeg Manitoba taken by Winnipeg Wedding Photographer

Steps to Booking your Wedding Photographer

If you ever wonder what’s the next step to booking your photographer, here’s a guide to help! 


  1. Reach out to your photographer! Great! you probably already did this. 
  2. Confirm they are available on your wedding date. 
  3. Ask to see their packages and if they have any added charges. Does this fit your budget?
  4. Set up a time to chat, it’s important to meet your photographer before putting any money down. Have them look over the contract
  5. Talk it over with your significant other.
  6. Place a deposit and sign the contract! Congrats you did it!
If at any point you decide the photographer you’re talking to isn’t the one for you, please don’t ghost them. It’s important to let a photographer know that you appreciate their time and that you won’t be booking them.

Winter Outfit Guide

Have you ever wondered what to wear to your outdoor winter photo session?? Great, I put together this guide to hopefully help you in your upcoming photo shoot. Just to be clear these images are not taken by me but taken off trusty Pinterest. 

Of course this is just a recommendation on what to wear, you do you. I tend to lean towards clothes without patterns. Another suggestions is that if one of you wears blue jeans, maybe the other should wear a jean jacket. I personally love the beige look. Try black jeans with a white or beige sweater. 

If you’re still wondering what to wear try surfing Pinterest a little or ask a friend!

These photos were not taken by me, you can find these photos on Pinterest.

How to Choose a Wedding Venue


Be picky. This is your special day and you only get one chance, if you aren’t 100% into it, don’t choose it! Don’t be pursued by the prices they may offer you in order for you to choose them, if you don’t like it, keep the train moving. Sometimes restrictions like COVID or your budget can come into play, but there’s always a way! 

Determine a budget and stick with it. Don’t even browse for venues that are out of your budget, because it’s likely you will fall in love with them and will want to change your budget. It’s better to start off your marriage without any financial setbacks am I right? There’s a venue out there for everyone. Don’t start by looking at the expensive venues.

You will want to make sure the venue you are considering has flexible hours or are open until the time you want your after party to go. Also, keeping in mind the time it will take to take down all the decor, etc. 

Make sure you know every single little thing they may charge you for; if they offer you a package, compare their price with vendors you can provide yourself with. Hidden fees are not fun, make sure you ask the appropriate questions to insure the best outcome! Also make sure to ask about cancelations, are you able to get your deposit back? This is very important especially with the uncertain times we are experiencing.

Think about you and your spouse’s values and personalities. Are you super social and love people? Or are you guys more private and like to have your own space? Make sure to take note of how private or non-private the venue you are considering is. If you are like me (more private), you will want to make sure there are no outsiders able to catch a glimpse of your wedding. Your wedding is a very personal moment and some people appreciate the extra privacy!

REVIEWS. REVIEWS. REVIEWS. I can’t stress to you enough how important it is to do your research before considering a venue. Things you will want to know before falling in love with the style, is how friendly the staff is, if they are negotiable, if their prices are reasonable, how the property is maintained, etc. The last thing you want is to absolutely love the style and theme, but end up being disappointed with horrible customer service or to be ripped off. Use your head, not your eyes. Easier said than done, I know. At the end of the day venues are there to serve you and a venue that has put in the work to make their clients feel loved and appreciated will show through the reviews and even word of mouth.


Here are some important questions to ask your venue before you book them:

  • Is this the right size of venue for the number of guests I have?
    • Is it easy to find?
    • Where is parking? On-site or nearby? Does it cost extra?
    • Are their hotels close by if need be?
    • Are there shuttle services or transportation options for guests who have been drinking? 
    • Is there a dance floor?
    • If it’s an outdoor venue, is there an indoor location? (indoor backup plans are a must)
    • Do they allow outside vendors or do they have ones that they partner with?

This is an exciting time in your life, a time to celebrate love! I hope with all my heart that the wedding planning process is just another highlight of your story and not a tragedy. These steps and questions will get you that much closer to your happily ever after!

5 Best Locations for Photos in Winnipeg, Manitoba

Over the years of shooting different couple sessions I’ve found the perfect locations in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Locations can make all the difference, find the one that matches your likes and personality. Not the outdoorsy type? That’s fine, there’s a lot of amazing city locations. Or maybe you enjoy hikes and the smell of pine trees. There’s a location for you. 

   It’s important after a location sparks your interest to go check it out. You can even do this from home! Here’s some useful tips for scouting your location. 

  1. Research: Look up your location on Instagram, Facebook, and Google. For example if you type into instagram “Birds Hill” It will start to show you a bucket load of photos others have taken there. You might have to sort through a bunch of selfies, but you’ll find some pretty locations. You can also look up “Photo Shoot at Birds Hill” in Google and then you’ll be able to see what other Photographers have done with that location. You can also find a location by downloading a hiking app. This can show you amazing trails and some photos from these locations!
  2. Scout it out! It’s important to take some time to just look around. If you don’t know what you’re looking for then try looking for some shaded areas, or a view, or even some pretty colours.

   Check out my list of locations below for some of my favourite recommendations.

  1. Birds Hill Provincial Park 


  I have to start off with my favourite! Birds Hill is filled with a variety of locations. Want beach photos, a tall forest, or even a beautiful field. What more could you want for your engagement shoot?! I often run mini sessions at Birds Hill because of the variety for my clients to pick from. You also have Pineridge Hollow for a post photo shoot bite to eat. If you are looking for a beige look for your photos I would say Birds Hill is perfect.

2. Assiniboine Forest


   This is the perfect spot for your engagement photo shoot! This is a much closer option for those living central Winnipeg. I’ve even seen some wedding photos being taken here! If you’re looking for a rustic outdoors look with plenty of trees then this is a place for you. This location is my favourite in the summer during sunset! Personally I don’t go for the green leaves in my photos but instead I like the wild grass and bushes that grow in some of the fields. Keep in mind that there aren’t that many washrooms and if you’re shooting in winter then there’s not many places to warm up.


3. St. Vital Park


   Forest, Bathroom, and Geese! This location definitely has its pros and cons. But it still makes it onto my top three. Here’s why, I love the amazing cleared out forest but I’m not a big fan of all the green. Personally my style has shifted more and more, and I choose to stay away from the green. If this fits what you want then this is perfect. Now in winter this location is my favourite. For one reason and one reason only, It’s the Duck Pond building. This building is used for putting on skates, warming up, and going to the washroom. For winter photo shoots this is amazing. I’ve had so many photo shoots that are always sooooo cold and then the faces start to go pink and it’s never fun. So St. Vital Park is perfect for playing in the snow, skating, and a nice cup of hot chocolate.


4. Exchange District


   If you’re looking for those city vibes for your insta you probably have thought of the exchange district. But where exactly in the exchange district is good for the photos you want. Here’s a couple ideas for spots to check out!


  • City Parking Lot: Top of indigo parking lot at Mcdermott and Rorie
  • Tunnel: King St. and Bannatyne Ave
  • Nice Ally with vintage Bar: Bannatyne Ave and Rorie St and McDermot Ave
  • Red River College – Exchange District Campus


   You can’t get the city feel like the exchange district anywhere else. Make sure to scout out the location before scheduling your shoot.  


5. Grand Beach


   Besides the water always being cold… This location gets the best sunset photos! If you have the time to drive out there and it’s warm out, then I highly recommend this location. You can make a fun day out of your photo shoot by also going for a hike!

   Whatever your tastes are, there’s a location for you. I find with a bit of exploring you can find amazing locations anywhere! Even better than Pokemon Go hunting! (Not really) Happy hunting.