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3 Tips for your Family Photo shoot

What makes Photo Shoots so hard?

If you’ve ever photographed a Family before, you know it’s tricky to get everything looking right. Especially if the family has younger kids. Whether you have you haven’t ever done a photo shoot or you are fairly experienced with Families, I think this article is for you! I’ll give you three tips that are normally forgotten.


Although it may sound obvious you would be surprised how photographers commonly show up on the day of their shoot and have no idea about poses or creative ideas. So If you haven’t already, PLAN!

Walk the Location

Between the emails or chats you had with your client you should of landed on a location. You should know this location, maybe show up early and walk around thinking which pose could go where.

Make a List

And check it twice… Now this is another people don’t normally think of if you don’t have much experience. This list should have funny one liners to make the family comfortable, also a list of poses. To say the least when you get nervous on your shoots and when you’re not sure what to do it’s nice to have some things written down.

Know your Clients

Knowing names of your clients goes a long ways. In your emails with your client you can know a lot about them. Conversation starters are huge for putting your clients at ease. Clients can give you good reviews just based on your interactions!



This tip has saved my butt so many times, I got so many stories where props made my photo shoot day a good day. Often times clients want something special with their photos, even if you have good photos they might not be unique like your clients want. Bringing in a prop can make that difference. Another trick I’ve found with family photo shoots especially with families with young kids is bringing bubbles. Who would of thought that bringing bubbles would make a world of difference. I’ve had kids crying their eyes out and while their parents try to cheer them up I pull out the bubbles and with out fail the tears stop. So next time you have a photo shoot bring something fun.


Often times I’m stuck using the same poses or I get those brain farts (pardon my language) where I just don’t know what to do next. This either comes from being nervous or not planning properly. Either way it’s a good idea to have a board on pinterest of your favorite poses. A big plus to this tip is when your client just doesn’t know the pose your explaining, so you can just show them!


With these tips you’ll be well on your way to taking those killer family photos! Hope these tips helped you out. Till next time!


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