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Bring Love into your Couple Photo Shoot

Engagement photo session holding hands

   Want to know why I love couple photo shoots so much? Because it’s two people that fit so well together, that know exactly how to make each other laugh and what to do when their significant other is sad. Together those two people go through hardships but love each other through it, and that’s worth celebrating. The love two people have is more then love at first sight or love from a Disney movie.

   Over the years I’ve taken photos with different couples. But the ones that always get me so excited are the ones that express their love to their significant other. I understand that it’s a little different in front of a camera. Especially for shy couples. That’s why I wanted to give you guys a couple steps to bring more life into your photos!

Airplane hands pose during an engagement photo session
  1. Think of a Meaningful Loation

   Your photographer might know of some really cool locations that will make the photos turn out really well. However if you want the photos to be truly special then find a location that means a lot to you! This might be in your house, or where you had your first date. The possibilities are endless. Find a location that describes your relationship. Your photographer wont know a location that is special to you or meaningful. 

   Makoy and Dani (In the photo above) asked me to take photos at La Barrier Park in Winnipeg. Although I haven’t taken photos here before I did know the location some what. Arriving at the location they pointed out to me their favourite spots at the park. We ended up find some nice shade with pine trees behind. We were able to work together to find a location that meant a lot to them and a spot at the location that was great for photos. At first they didn’t tell me but this was actually where they got engaged. At the end the of photo shoot they took me to where Makoy got on one knee. These photos didn’t only turn out amazing but they were also special to the couple.

2. Bring a Meaningful Prop

   You and your significant other know your relationship better than anyone else does. That’s why it’s up to you to think of a prop to bring to your couple photo shoot. Trust me it will make your photographers day! 

   Here’s some examples to get the ideas moving. Bring your fancy car and get some photos to show off both your significant other and your new rims. Another idea is a guitar. Maybe it means a lot to your partner that you play to them. Bring it along and have a picnic and play her some tunes! Maybe even bring a book and read it to each other. 

   The possibilities are endless. It’s an easy way to step up your couple photo shoot and bring meaning into it! 

Engagement photo session during golden hour

3. Love Languages

   Okay here it goes! Here’s the big one. Love languages, have you heard of it? By no means is this a concept I came up with. Gary Chapman wrote the book 5 Love Languages.

If you aren’t familiar with this concept I’ll give a short overview. It’s the idea that in a relationship each of us have one or two ways we feel most loved. Either Words of Affirmation, Acts of Service, Receiving Gifts, Quality Time, or Physical Touch. The book really goes deep into these and I highly recommend reading it. #NotSponsored If you would like to take the test on which love language you have you can do that HERE.

   After figuring out what love language your significant other is we can then figure out how to show them the way they feel loved on your photo shoot! Here’s some more examples

  • Words of Affirmation: Surprise them with a hand written love note, say something cute into their ear, compliment them.
  • Acts of Service: Go out of your way to help them, tell them on your photo shoot that you’ll cook when you get home. Ask them how you can help them. Make them something that you had to put effort into.
  • Receiving Gifts: Go buy them a small gift to give them, buy them flowers. 
  • Quality Time: On your photo shoot do something they like to do. Be thoughtful when picking how you spend your time. If they like reading a book together then do that!
  • Physical Touch: Get spicy! Get out of your comfort zone to show them love!

   I understand doing this might be an intimate moment, if you need to tell your photographer to give you two a moment or to take photos from a distant then do that. Don’t take these tips as rules but instead as guidance. You alone will know how to make your partner feel loved.


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