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White Willow Photography believes that everyone deserves to be beautifully seen. Our photography is about capturing the very essence of the person, allowing their inner beauty to shine through. Our goal in every photoshoot is to go beyond just capturing beautiful snapshots. We are artists and trusted business partners obsessed with unique, visual storytelling and capturing unconventional beauty. Our goal is to tell your own exclusive story through photographs designed to last a lifetime.

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Finding a photographer that will go the extra mile is hard, but one that will go the extra photographic mile is even more rare. At White Willow Photography, our goal is to make your photographic experience enjoyable and the photographs beyond exceptional.

The very essence, of White Willow Photography, is to not just be there to take photographs but to enjoy and rejoice in your special occasions. We believe to capture the emotion and elegance of the moment; we need to be emotionally part of it. We laugh, cry, and get excited along with our clients.

Yes, we will go to your destination and that is going the extra mile. However, going the extra photographic mile means experiencing the moment with you. You will truly see the White Willow difference.


White Willow is proud to offer many photographic services to Winnipeg customers. There are many potential photography services that we could offer, but we have decided our specialty resides in a few that bring out the true essence of our clients.

Weddings – That happen moment when two join together as one. We focus on capturing the elegance and happiness of the occasion. It is a once in a lifetime event that you want to remember for a lifetime.

Lifestyle – It is about capturing the life’s moments of pure joy. The fun times we spend together as a family and how we spend it. Yes, we take the traditional family portraits, but we want to go the extra photographic mile. We like to capture special life moments.

Couples/Engagement – The big day before the BIG Day! Your chance to show the world the beauty of two people together. Our goal is to capture the shared joy and excitement while showcasing beauty.

Every occasion is special and capturing its essence and beauty is key to perfect photography.


Many often wonder what makes photographers different. With White Willow Photography, its how much we invest in each client to make sure their photography session is enjoyable, and the final product is exceptional. Contact us and find out about the White Willow Difference.


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