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Steps to Booking your Wedding Photographer

If you ever wonder what’s the next step to booking your photographer, here’s a guide to help! 


  1. Reach out to your photographer! Great! you probably already did this. 
  2. Confirm they are available on your wedding date. 
  3. Ask to see their packages and if they have any added charges. Does this fit your budget?
  4. Set up a time to chat, it’s important to meet your photographer before putting any money down. Have them look over the contract
  5. Talk it over with your significant other.
  6. Place a deposit and sign the contract! Congrats you did it!
If at any point you decide the photographer you’re talking to isn’t the one for you, please don’t ghost them. It’s important to let a photographer know that you appreciate their time and that you won’t be booking them.

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