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Wedding at The Leaf + Qualico Centre | Arianna + Curtis

Wedding Sneak Peek

February 18th, 2023 was a day I was looking forward to for so long! Especially since meeting Arianna and Curtis for their engagement session back in November. They’re such a sweet couple that bring a fun energy with them. They think of others first and it made my job way too easy. 

We went to Birds Hill Park for their engagement photos hoping for some cute fall photos. The morning of the shoot the skies were mostly clear. That was up until an hour before the photo shoot it decided to flurry the hardest I’ve ever seen. By the time we were ready to start taking photos the ground was already covered in a thin layer of snow. Although the conditions weren’t exactly what we wanted we still left with some of the most stunning photos ever. Arianna and Curtis knocked it out of the park.

Wedding Day

I always get so excited on a wedding day morning. It’s like the feeling right before a big sports game. That’s why I call it game day. Anyway it’s not about me. We got the church where the ceremony was going to be held and the Ceremony set up was stunning. There’s been some church weddings that could have used some Pinterest aesthetics but I was so very happy about this one! On the stage they had a big cross with a curtain strung up behind it. 

Both me and my second shooter Sarah started off by taking some candids of the guests that arrived early. Before long we started the ceremony. The ceremony was really sweet, it’s always nice when the officiant doesn’t use the same script but can make the speech personalized. After the ceremony we gave everyone plenty of time to catch up and chat before starting family photos. We ended up getting ahead of schedule (This never happens) So we all had some extra time to chill before heading to Red River College for some photos.

Winnipeg Wedding at the Leaf

At Red River College we spent some time taking Bridal Party photos and Couple photos. With this slow schedule it was nice not to feel rushed with the photos. We found some chairs we were able to do some cute sitting poses. Can’t wait to show you those. Much of RRC has an industrial feel to it so we tried to go along with that theme and a mix of some moody/vibey photos as well as some happy and bright wedding photos. Knowing that The Leaf was next on the list we had to save some poses for that. 

Winnipeg Wedding at the Leaf
Winnipeg Wedding at the Leaf
Winnipeg Wedding at the Leaf
Winnipeg Wedding at the Leaf
Winnipeg Wedding at the Leaf

The Leaf is possibly one of my favourite places to shoot in Winter. Not only because I hate taking photos in the cold but also because the Leaf is stunning! The light comes in so perfectly. I was concerned with how hard it would be to take group photos at the Leaf. I didn’t want to ruin the experience for anyone else just visiting and I had to find someone to fit everyone. I also didn’t want to make everyone stay in the hot humid area too long. 

We took some immediate family photos and then some bridal party photos and ended with some couple photos before moving to the less humid area. An obvious pick for me was the vine wall. If you’ve been to the Leaf you know what I’m talking about and if you haven’t been there then I strongly recommend it! It is a big enough area that we could fit the bridal party and it’s a beautiful background. I think they turned out great and the bridal party + Arianna and Curtis did so well. I always appreciate people trying to make my job easier and still having a good time.

Winnipeg Wedding at the Leaf
Winnipeg Wedding at the Leaf

We then headed to the Qualico Centre for the reception. While we were walking in it again was dumping snow (Kind of fitting) We took some cute photos under a street lamp. After we went inside I let them have time chatting with everyone and resorted to candid’s at this point. It’s always so nice to see a couple surrounded by such a great community that’s there to help them celebrate. This was very evident with the heartfelt speeches. Got to chat with so many awesome people at the wedding! Overall it was an amazing day and I’m so so happy for these two. Days like this make it so fun to do what I do. It’s a blessing really. 

Arianna and Curtis I wish you two all the best with this new chapter! I’m so excited to get you more photos. Thank you for being amazing clients and friends 🙂 

Best Photos of the Year 2022

Best Photos of the year

Best Photos Of The Year 2022

What a year! Before I start showing off my amazing clients I had this year I want to share a little bit about my experience. Now if you find this boring you can go ahead and skip to the photos but this year was special to me.

Okay here’s the details: I shot 32 weddings in 2022 and close to 100 couples. That’s an insane amount of people I get to cross paths with. There’s always some funny and stressful stories that go with shooting this many weddings (You can ask me later)

Now I’m allowed to get sentimental. This is my blog so deal with it. Meeting some of these people has been one of the highlights from this year. Some people I’ll hopefully stay friends with. I don’t take it lightly that so many people trusted me with their priceless photos. If I took photos for you in 2022 I just wanted to say THANK YOU!

To each person that served cheese cake I also wanted to say thank you. You are the reason I show up to Weddings. (Jokes) 

Okay enough from me, here’s some of my favourite from 2022. I’m only showing Wedding photos on this blog because there was simply too many sessions to fit into a blog. So look out for another post 🙂

Just a warning the photos below may take some loading depending on your internet speed 🙂
Best Photos of the year
Best Photos of the year
Best Photos of the year
Best Photos of the year
Best Photos of the year
Best Photos of the year
Best Photos of the year
Best Photos of the year
Best Photos of the year
Best Photos of the year
Best Photos of the year
Best Photos of the year
Best Photos of the year
Best Photos of the year
Best Photos of the year
Best Photos of the year
Best Photos of the year
Best Photos of the year
Best Photos of the year
Best Photos of the year
Best Photos of the year
Best Photos of the year
Best Photos of the year
Best Photos of the year


I obviously couldn’t include all my favourites, but this serves as a mini recap of the thousands of photos I’ve taken. It really excites me looking forward to 2023 and what it could include!

If you booked me for 2023 or beyond just let me tell you that it’s such a blessing to be able to get a little glimpse into your story and be trusted with your photos. 

Okay that’s all for now! Love you guys! 

My Experience Shooting for Bud Light Seltzer

Aw Heck Ya! Wedding photographer turned NHL Mascot Photographer.


Let’s start at the beginning. I was minding my own business (probably editing photos) and I got a call from Toronto. The man asked if I shoot cooperate events, in which I replied that I do! He went on to ask if I was free and some other details. I then budded in and asked what this cooperate event was? He said he is with Bud Light and they need someone to take photos of their mascot at the next Winnipeg Jets hockey game. I’m no mascot photographer but of course this sounded interesting so I said I would do it!

I had some emails back and forth between Bud Light and myself and they told me to meet in the stadium about an hour before it was open to the public. I was told to use the side door. I’ve never been to a NHL game before and I was definitely not confident where the side door would be. With no reply to the email I told myself “Screw it” and thought I would find it myself

Game Day 

I won’t bare you with the details about how the power steering in my car suddenly stopped working and how I had to drive the families old farm truck through downtown trying to find a parkade that had room for a tall truck. I managed to get there with some time to spare and I walked over to what I expected to be the side door. It was not… I asked around and managed to find it. It was these two unlabeled metal  doors hidden around the corner. I went in and the only thing they checked was my vaccination card. I walked down the stairs and found myself wall to wall with what felt like hundreds of people. I went through security and I was the only person with a giant backpack. So they pulled me aside and searched the backpack but again no one asked why I was there. I simply just walked in…

I found the Bud Light team and we got to work. I met the mascot and got some shots before the fans were let in. After a couple photos we were given a break and so I went into the stadium and sat down for a bit. This was actually one of the biggest highlights. The stadium was empty… So cool!

As guests started to flow through the gates, the mascot Seltzy got busy! Meeting fans, Playing Games, and Dancing. I basically just followed up around for this! This is where I got a little peak into the mascot world. Turns out there’s something called a mascot handler. This persons job is to keep the mascot on track and in the right place. Between reading the schedule and radioing with the cameras and telling Seltzy which way to look and wave, they had their work cut out for them. I went with Seltzy from the Nose Bleeds to the VIP section. 

Of course I wasn’t about to go to an NHL game with all my camera equipment without getting some action shots. I made sure during every free moment to get some hockey photos. I thought they turned out pretty good! 

Overall it was just a very fun / weird experience. Definitely one I wont be forgetting. I can’t wait for the next memorable shoot to come around!

Grad Photos Winnipeg

It’s that time of the year! But maybe for you it’s your only child graduating! That’s so exciting! Big moments like that deserve to be hung up on your wall! I offer Grad Photos Winnipeg and Manitoba for that exact reason! 

Some Things to Consider

  1. Booking in advance! Sometimes Photographers book up all their grad sessions in January! That’s crazy. You don’t want to miss out on the photographer you want. So make sure you book far enough in advance.
  2. Pick your photographer accordingly to their style. There’s lots of things to consider when booking a photographer, one of the main things to consider is their style. A photographer can’t/wont change their style so your photos look good on your wall. Each photographer has their own style, make sure you book the right one for you!
  3. Location: Your photographer can totally help you out with this! Your blue dress might look really good with the downtown background! Or a white dress with a forest setting. Your photographer will likely have an answer for you!
  4. Time of Day: If possible an evening shoot would be best! Lighting will be softer and so much nicer.
Grad Photos Winnipeg

Book a Grad Session

I would be honoured to take your grad photos! Want to see if I’m still available? Fill out my contact form on my Contact page!

Grad Photos Winnipeg

grad photographer in winnipeg

Winnipeg Gift Certificate Photography

Gift Certificate for Photography

Want the perfect gift for the person that has “everything” or doesn’t need anything? Gifting a photo shoot is a great present for your Mom or significant other. Get a well designed Winnipeg gift certificate Photography.

Photos are something they can look back on 2,4, or even 10 years later and still smile. 

Get your Gift Certificate or ask your questions.

What kind of photo sessions are available? 

There’s a lot of different options for different sessions you can buy your loved ones. The most common is probably a family session for your parents. Ya your mom will appreciate a new pot or pan, but no present will mean more to your mom than family.

Family / Couple / Grad

Another great option is buy your parents or grandparents a couple session. I love asking couples that have been married 30+ years how long it’s been since they have had a photo taken together. For most of them they say years and years. A lot of times it takes a little push to get them to get some photos together.

Frame Those Memories for Years to Come

If you’re considering a Gift Certificate for a photo shoot as a preset than first of all thank you, second of all I your family will love you. It’s a great way to support local and get new photos on the wall.

Photographers for Real Estate

Photographers for Real Estate / Winnipeg Real Estate Photographer

   It’s hard finding the right photographers for real estate photography. Hey I’m a Winnipeg (and Manitoba) Real Estate Photographer. If you’re planning on selling or even renting your home, then professional photos can make all the difference. I know what you’re thinking, your iPhone can take some pretty great photos. And to that I say… True. But don’t forget that Real Estate sells %32 faster with professional photos.

Book Now


Check out my packages to see if we are the right fit. Not in your budget? Or want to get more information? Contact me and we will figure something out!

Pricing starting at $150

Basic Package


20-30 Photos

High Res Images

1 Hour

Premium Package


40-50 Photos

High Res Images

2 Hours

Did you know?

 – Home Buyers spend over %60 of their time looking at listing images. 

 – Properties with good quality images get over 118% more views then other properties.

 – With good quality photos you can sell your property %39 closer to it’s original listing.

These facts are brought to you by Photo and Video Edits.com

Real Estate Photographer Winnipeg

Sound Good?

Great! I would love to hear more about your vision and expectations. It’s really important to be able to express your vision and so I can replicate it. Finding  Photographers for real estate is hard, and finding a good and experienced one is even harder. Hopefully this can be the end of your search. Me and my team of photographers have been doing photography for years. 

I’m primarily a wedding photographer based in Winnipeg Manitoba. However each winter I decide to take on some real estate work. If you’re in need of professional photos done to sell your property, I would be happy to help. 

When I take photos I normally end up taking more photos then less. Afterwards I go through all the photos I took and pick out the best real estate photos. Then I go through and edit them to look the best! After some final checks and adjustments they are sent your way through an online gallery! Pretty cool eh?

Want to see more photos?

Hopefully this helped you find some photographers for real estate. If you are looking for one in Winnipeg, Manitoba I would be happy to help! Feel Free to reach out!

Places to Visit in Banff

If you’re reading this you’re probably planning a trip to one of my favourite places on earth. Lucky you! Or maybe you just want to start planning your dream trip. Either way I wanted to share some places to visit in Banff. 

Avoiding Crowds

Now these spots may not be the best of Banff, but if you’re anything like me then you want a find a way to enjoy Banff without the wall to wall crowds. As a photographer I really prefer not getting people in the photos. So you might want to visit Lake Louise, which is great but I want to share some hidden areas that are stunning!

You’ll be surprised that it’s pretty rare for tourists to leave the paved paths. So if you’re interested in finding your own hidden gems then find a path or road and get lost! Be adventurous and you’ll find your own private spot under the mountains! 

Vermillion Lakes

Easily one of my favourite places in Banff. Located 5 minutes from Banff. You can find these cute little docks along the lakes. You can often find people bringing their canoes to these lakes. 10/10 would go again!

Mount Norquay Look Out

Okay this is another must! You can drive up to a look out where you can see over the Vermillion Lakes as well as Banff. During sunset this location is stunning. When I went I was able to see a rainbow over Banff as well as a big heard of mountain goats.

Lake Minnewanka 

This area definitely had some tourists walking around. However we had enough space that we were able to enjoy the area. On Lake Minnewanka you can find the docks. This is another on my list of favourites! The view was so amazing and the rocks on the shore just added so much. It’s hard to describe how much of a wow-factor this area had. 

Bow Valley Parkway

On your way to Johnston Canyon you got to stop by this meadow! The photo below might be my favourite from my entire trip. I attached the coordinates from the location below. You can copy and paste those into your map app.

51.26220651917786, -115.90218531805527

Getting Lost

Honestly It was so special to share moments under the mountains with no crowds around holding up their smart phone. I know that isn’t something that bugs everyone but if you’re anything like me then finding your own path is a great way to do it. I encourage you to find a cool road or trail and honestly just get lost. You’ll find the coolest spots! 

Travel Safe!
Each year I try to make it out to Alberta, but more specifically Banff. It’s so special to be able to capture engagements, couples, and even weddings! If you’re interested in booking a session check it out here!

Family Photography Winnipeg

Amazing Family Photography Requires the Best Photographer in Winnipeg

Family portraits are meant to capture that moment in time for your entire family, from candid to classic.  A family portrait so amazing you will want to hang it over the fireplace of your Winnipeg home.

Relax and let White Willow Photography handle the posing, kids, and interaction.  Our family portrait photography in Winnipeg goes past simply providing beautiful pictures that you will cherish for years to come.  White Willow Photography believes that every family deserves to be beautifully seen.  Our photography is about capturing the very spirit of your family.  Our goal is to tell your own exclusive story through photographs designed to last a lifetime.

Ready to let us work our magic?  Call us today. We are looking forward to speaking with you! (204)292-2388

Freezing Moments Through Family Photography – Winnipeg

Does it feel like time is flying by?  Do you wish you could freeze that moment in time?

Now you can with White Willow Photography.  We can help to freeze an instant and capture it for eternity.  Time will continue to move on, but you will have that cherished moment to always remember.

Capture the seemingly instant breath between the newborn and toddler phase, or the way child looks at their parent for guidance.  These moments do not last forever, but with the amazing photographic skill, of White Willow Photography, you will get to hold on to them a little longer.

Being Comfortable in Family Photo Sessions – Winnipeg

As your Winnipeg Family Photographer, it is important to us that every member of your family feels comfortable throughout your Winnipeg Family Photography session.  We will need to work together to capture happy, relaxed family experiences that occur naturally. Memorable photographs are not made from stiff, posed, awkward moments.  We aim to capture the energy and enjoyment of your family while keeping everyone comfortable.  There is nothing worse than being uncomfortable in a photography session.

Many clients have chosen White Willow Photography as their Winnipeg Family Photographer to document special family occasions.  We have photographed everything from family birthday parties, family holiday photographs, special family outings, family firsts, and everything else in between!

Winnipeg Family Photography

Many often wonder what makes photographers different.  With White Willow Photography, it is how much we invest in each client to make sure their photography session is enjoyable, and the final product is exceptional.  Contact us and find out about the White Willow Difference.


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Photography Winnipeg


White Willow Photography believes that everyone deserves to be beautifully seen. Our photography is about capturing the very essence of the person, allowing their inner beauty to shine through. Our goal in every photoshoot is to go beyond just capturing beautiful snapshots. We are artists and trusted business partners obsessed with unique, visual storytelling and capturing unconventional beauty. Our goal is to tell your own exclusive story through photographs designed to last a lifetime.

Ready to let us work our magic? Get in touch with us. We are looking forward to speaking with you!


Finding a photographer that will go the extra mile is hard, but one that will go the extra photographic mile is even more rare. At White Willow Photography, our goal is to make your photographic experience enjoyable and the photographs beyond exceptional.

The very essence, of White Willow Photography, is to not just be there to take photographs but to enjoy and rejoice in your special occasions. We believe to capture the emotion and elegance of the moment; we need to be emotionally part of it. We laugh, cry, and get excited along with our clients.

Yes, we will go to your destination and that is going the extra mile. However, going the extra photographic mile means experiencing the moment with you. You will truly see the White Willow difference.


White Willow is proud to offer many photographic services to Winnipeg customers. There are many potential photography services that we could offer, but we have decided our specialty resides in a few that bring out the true essence of our clients.

Weddings – That happen moment when two join together as one. We focus on capturing the elegance and happiness of the occasion. It is a once in a lifetime event that you want to remember for a lifetime.

Lifestyle – It is about capturing the life’s moments of pure joy. The fun times we spend together as a family and how we spend it. Yes, we take the traditional family portraits, but we want to go the extra photographic mile. We like to capture special life moments.

Couples/Engagement – The big day before the BIG Day! Your chance to show the world the beauty of two people together. Our goal is to capture the shared joy and excitement while showcasing beauty.

Every occasion is special and capturing its essence and beauty is key to perfect photography.


Many often wonder what makes photographers different. With White Willow Photography, its how much we invest in each client to make sure their photography session is enjoyable, and the final product is exceptional. Contact us and find out about the White Willow Difference.



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