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The Leaf Couple Photos | Winnipeg Photographer

The Leaf Building opened up not that long ago and every photographer and their dog rushed to go take photos there. It’s a pretty big deal when Winnipeg gets a new indoor attraction. Another thing to do in winter. So I thought I’d share some of The Leaf Couple Photos from the Assiniboine Park.

Obviously I had the best time taking photos there. Greenhouses with big windows (like the Leaf) let in so much beautiful light and with so much room it’s the perfect place. I’ll make sure to include plenty photos below. 

The leaf Winnipeg

Things to know before visiting The Leaf

This couple be it’s own blog post in it’s self. I’ll try to keep it short! The first thing you got to know is what to wear. To the common Manitoban it will feel hot in there. Definitely not jacket weather and a little too hot for sweaters. 

The second thing you should probably know about is that if you want to visit on a weekend I’d probably pick up your ticket before hand. This might be a different case in Summer but definitely in Winter grab your ticket online.

Third, the best time I’ve found in winter to take photos at the leaf is between 3pm and 4pm. The sunsets letting in a ton of golden light especially at the top of the building. This would be later in the evening if it were summer.

If you’re planning on having your wedding photos taken at the leaf I would call ahead of time and ask what sort of things you/they will need to do. I don’t yet have experience doing wedding photos there but I will soon!

If you have any other questions about the leaf feel free to ask me! 

Taylor & Vivi

I found the sweetest couple ever, aren’t they models!?! I had the best time being able to capture these photos. Okay enough talking from me. Here’s the photos!

The Leaf
The Leaf Assiniboine Park
The Leaf
The Leaf Assiniboine Park

The Leaf Couple Photos

I hope you love these photos as much as I do! If you’re thinking about taking photos at the leaf I would say do it! If you want your photos taken at the leaf then I’m in! 

One last thing. Please be respectful of the space. If you’re there just for fun or there to take photos it’s important to do your best to not wreck the experience for anyone else and not to destroy any plants. Thanks 🙂

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