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Winnipeg Wedding Venues Outdoors

Winnipeg Wedding Venues Outdoors

The sad truth is Winnipeg doesn’t have the longest summer. But the little time we have we fill with amazing weddings. Of course as a Winnipeg Wedding Photographer I’ve come up with some favourites that I would LOVE to show you ­čÖé┬áHere’s some Winnipeg Wedding Venues Outdoors.

So let’s get into it!

Leo Mol Sculpture Garden

I’ll attach links to all these venues as well!

Leo Mol has to be one of my favourite and least favourite at the same time. It’s soooo pretty but at the same time a little frustrating. I won’t put together a Pros and Cons list but I will list some haha. Like I said it really is a stunning outdoor venue. With a pond in the background you get those amazing reflecting shots. You also have the vines growing above which in Fall they turn orange. So pretty!

But it does have some draw backs. Which of course are probably just because I’m a photographer and you might not mind if you’re a bride or groom. The large wood pillars can get in the way especially if you have a guest sitting behind one of them. The venue only has a small number of seats it can fit and it does get a little squishy which means I wasn’t able to get all the angles I normally get. A part from that the only other downside is all the “flower photographers” following you around the park taking your photo. (I got stories haha)

Star Lit Point

10/10 would recommend this venue! I personally haven’t had the privledge of shooting an outdoor wedding at this location YET. But I can’t wait till I do because the views are amazing. I’ve seen some stunning weddings here. They also have one of the prettiest wedding tent set ups I’ve seen. Although this venue is a short drive outside of Winnipeg I do think it’s worth it!┬á

Star Lit Point is on a beautiful property with a pond and dock as well as a cute little house for those stunning getting ready photos! I would attach some photos however you’re better off just checking out their gallery!

Kinloch Grove

If you’re looking for a perfect outdoor setting in the woods for your wedding then Kinloch Grove might be for you! I really sounded like a sales man there…

ANYWAY, Kinloch Grove is located 35 minutes outside Winnipeg to the north and I got to say they have one of the prettiest outdoor settings for a venue. Like Star Lit Point they also have a great wedding tent set up. Don’t take my word for it, go check out their website!

Gables Wedding Barn

Okay hear me out. The wind can be kind of annoying but mosquitos are worse. The one thing I hate about outdoor weddings is already being hot and sweaty but having mosquitos attack from every side! It’s definitely a minuscule aspect but the Gables Wedding Barn has an open enough are that the most beautiful breeze came through and there was 0 bugs.

Whether you hate mosquitos as much as I do or not it’s a beautiful venue! The Gables Wedding Barn has a stunning set up for your reception afterwards. It’s everything you need and more!

Fort Gibraltar 

If you’re into history or you just like the backdrop, Fort Gibraltar might be the perfect outdoor venue for you!┬á

Fort Gibraltar has these big wood gates with a pretty isle up to the main building where the reception can take place. Fort Gibraltar also has access to the pathway behind through the woods. Which is perfect if you want wedding photos in a forest setting!

Definitely worth checking out!

Winnipeg Wedding Outdoor Venues

Here to Help!

If your search comes up with nothing appealing to you, I would be happy to give a bigger list of outdoor venues! Or if this blog post helped you find your dream venue I would be thrilled to hear about it! Either way if you’re getting married I’m here to help! I’ll attach my wedding guide as a little bonus for reading this far.┬á

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