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What’s In My Camera Bag 2022

If you ever wanted to know what gear I recommend or what gear I use day to day as a Winnipeg Wedding Photographer then I’m about to give you all the details! I’ll attach all the Amazon links below for you guys 🙂 Anyway here’s what’s in my camera bag 2022!

Peter Mckinnon Nomatic Travel Camera Bag

First of all we got to start with the bag and boy oh boy do I love this bag. At first I was scared dishing out this much cash just for a bag but it’s 100% worth it. Both Peter Mckinnon and Nomatic worked miracles with this bag. It was rated Camera Bag of the Year 2021. This bag lets me carry everything I need for each wedding without needing an extra bag. This bag is made to carry all the gear needed for a trip as well as clothes for 2-3 days! So much space. 

My favourite part about this bag is all the magnet clips. No more velcro or bad zippers. But with it being such a big bag what happens if I just want to take one camera out on a little walk and take photos? Great question! I don’t want to take this big bag along with me if I don’t need to. Which leads me into the Nomatic Peter Mckinnon Camera Cube!!!

Peter Mckinnon Nomatic Camera Cube

This combo with the Travel Bag is my favourite! This small backpack folds into a small little cube which fits into the Travel Bag. Then when I need a small bag I take it out and unzip it and there we go! It really comes in handy when I go on a 3 day trip where I need a big backpack but once I’m there I can go on walks and hikes with this small bag.

 I literally go around showing people because of how sick it is! If I didn’t explain that well there’s tons of great videos on this set up. I’ll attach one below!

Nikon Z6 ii & Z6

My two cameras I use are the Nikon Z6 and the Z6 ii. I’ve used Sony a little bit and not to offend anyone but these are by far the best mirrorless cameras I’ve used! I’ll leave links to both cameras below. With the FTZ adapter I’m still able to use my old DSLR lenses with it! If you’re a beginner photographer these are likely out of your price range and I would encourage you to do the best with the camera you have. Sad reality is your work won’t get that much better (if at all) just by upgrading your gear. Just so you don’t break the bank and realize nothing changed. Anyway… Mirrorless is amazing and these cameras are my bestfriends haha.


I’m going to list the lenses I have and why I like them and which I would recommend to you! Starting with the…

Nikon Z 35mm f1.8

There’s a lot of hype around the 35mm and honestly once you start using it it’s hard to take off your camera. I don’t like going any wider than 35mm for portraits because of the distortion. I’m 100% comfortable only using this lens for a photo session.

Nikon 85mm f1.4

Here’s my second most used lens and honestly I wish I used it more! I splurged a little and got the f1.4. If you don’t know what that means it basically means the lowest aperture the lens can go down to. The times I do get a good photo with this lens it’s always my favourite. Sometimes I find it hard to use such a zoomed in lens, but that’s just something I have to learn. 

Nikon 70-200mm f2.8

I bought this lens more as an investment. I found it basically brand new on Facebook Marketplace for dirt cheap. So one day I’ll plan to re sell it. This lens is often called the “Wedding Lens”. I use it mainly for ceremony’s when I want to get nice and close. I also used it a lot to get landscape photos when I want lots of compression. I don’t use it as much as I would if I didn’t have an 85mm.

My Recomendations

If you’re in the wedding business like me or just like taking photos of people I would highly recommend the 35mm and 85mm combo. This gives you a great range of compression to wide angle. Also since they’re both prime lenses (Don’t have zoom) they have a lower aperture. If you’re just starting out I would recommend a 50mm. This is a great option for a cheaper lens. Another option if you only want to buy one lens is the 24-70 lens. This lens is great all around and is also perfect for video. The downside is the high aperture. All depends on your budget and what you’re looking to shoot.

Things that just make sense!

With the expensive gear aside here’s some of the other things I keep on me!


A good tripod goes a long way. I take a lot of self portraits so it’s great to have a heavy tripod with a ball joint mount. This one isn’t the lightest or smallest but having a nice quality tripod means you don’t have to worry about your expensive camera crashing to the ground.

Battery Pouch

Honestly one of my favourite purchases! All it is is a pouch with slots for your camera batteries. But what makes me love it so much is that first of it keeps all my batteries in one place but also I can tell which battery needs charge and which one is full. The batteries full of charge I have facing down and the one needing to be charged face up. That way at a glance I know which batteries to charge and which to use! For $17.99 it’s worth it!

Small Rig

The Small Rig is a tool that comes in handy so many times. It’s helped me do everything from put my camera on my tripod to assemble IKEA furniture. So handy! 

Cleaning Kit

Cameras are expensive so make sure you clean them… Enough said.

Sd Card Case

I’m using this less and less because of my switch to XQD Cards. But if you use Sd cards then this is perfect for you! Keeping them safe and all in one spot for $20.00.

What’s in my Camera Bag

If you have questions about any of the links I have listed or just about the gear I use let me know! These links are affiliate links and I do earn a percentage. So if you do want to support me you can use these links 🙂 

I hope this helps you crush your photography journey!

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