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5 Best Locations for Photos in Winnipeg, Manitoba

Over the years of shooting different couple sessions I’ve found the perfect locations in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Locations can make all the difference, find the one that matches your likes and personality. Not the outdoorsy type? That’s fine, there’s a lot of amazing city locations. Or maybe you enjoy hikes and the smell of pine trees. There’s a location for you. 

   It’s important after a location sparks your interest to go check it out. You can even do this from home! Here’s some useful tips for scouting your location. 

  1. Research: Look up your location on Instagram, Facebook, and Google. For example if you type into instagram “Birds Hill” It will start to show you a bucket load of photos others have taken there. You might have to sort through a bunch of selfies, but you’ll find some pretty locations. You can also look up “Photo Shoot at Birds Hill” in Google and then you’ll be able to see what other Photographers have done with that location. You can also find a location by downloading a hiking app. This can show you amazing trails and some photos from these locations!
  2. Scout it out! It’s important to take some time to just look around. If you don’t know what you’re looking for then try looking for some shaded areas, or a view, or even some pretty colours.

   Check out my list of locations below for some of my favourite recommendations.

  1. Birds Hill Provincial Park 


  I have to start off with my favourite! Birds Hill is filled with a variety of locations. Want beach photos, a tall forest, or even a beautiful field. What more could you want for your engagement shoot?! I often run mini sessions at Birds Hill because of the variety for my clients to pick from. You also have Pineridge Hollow for a post photo shoot bite to eat. If you are looking for a beige look for your photos I would say Birds Hill is perfect.

2. Assiniboine Forest


   This is the perfect spot for your engagement photo shoot! This is a much closer option for those living central Winnipeg. I’ve even seen some wedding photos being taken here! If you’re looking for a rustic outdoors look with plenty of trees then this is a place for you. This location is my favourite in the summer during sunset! Personally I don’t go for the green leaves in my photos but instead I like the wild grass and bushes that grow in some of the fields. Keep in mind that there aren’t that many washrooms and if you’re shooting in winter then there’s not many places to warm up.


3. St. Vital Park


   Forest, Bathroom, and Geese! This location definitely has its pros and cons. But it still makes it onto my top three. Here’s why, I love the amazing cleared out forest but I’m not a big fan of all the green. Personally my style has shifted more and more, and I choose to stay away from the green. If this fits what you want then this is perfect. Now in winter this location is my favourite. For one reason and one reason only, It’s the Duck Pond building. This building is used for putting on skates, warming up, and going to the washroom. For winter photo shoots this is amazing. I’ve had so many photo shoots that are always sooooo cold and then the faces start to go pink and it’s never fun. So St. Vital Park is perfect for playing in the snow, skating, and a nice cup of hot chocolate.


4. Exchange District


   If you’re looking for those city vibes for your insta you probably have thought of the exchange district. But where exactly in the exchange district is good for the photos you want. Here’s a couple ideas for spots to check out!


  • City Parking Lot: Top of indigo parking lot at Mcdermott and Rorie
  • Tunnel: King St. and Bannatyne Ave
  • Nice Ally with vintage Bar: Bannatyne Ave and Rorie St and McDermot Ave
  • Red River College – Exchange District Campus


   You can’t get the city feel like the exchange district anywhere else. Make sure to scout out the location before scheduling your shoot.  


5. Grand Beach


   Besides the water always being cold… This location gets the best sunset photos! If you have the time to drive out there and it’s warm out, then I highly recommend this location. You can make a fun day out of your photo shoot by also going for a hike!

   Whatever your tastes are, there’s a location for you. I find with a bit of exploring you can find amazing locations anywhere! Even better than Pokemon Go hunting! (Not really) Happy hunting.

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