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How to Choose a Wedding Venue


Be picky. This is your special day and you only get one chance, if you aren’t 100% into it, don’t choose it! Don’t be pursued by the prices they may offer you in order for you to choose them, if you don’t like it, keep the train moving. Sometimes restrictions like COVID or your budget can come into play, but there’s always a way! 

Determine a budget and stick with it. Don’t even browse for venues that are out of your budget, because it’s likely you will fall in love with them and will want to change your budget. It’s better to start off your marriage without any financial setbacks am I right? There’s a venue out there for everyone. Don’t start by looking at the expensive venues.

You will want to make sure the venue you are considering has flexible hours or are open until the time you want your after party to go. Also, keeping in mind the time it will take to take down all the decor, etc. 

Make sure you know every single little thing they may charge you for; if they offer you a package, compare their price with vendors you can provide yourself with. Hidden fees are not fun, make sure you ask the appropriate questions to insure the best outcome! Also make sure to ask about cancelations, are you able to get your deposit back? This is very important especially with the uncertain times we are experiencing.

Think about you and your spouse’s values and personalities. Are you super social and love people? Or are you guys more private and like to have your own space? Make sure to take note of how private or non-private the venue you are considering is. If you are like me (more private), you will want to make sure there are no outsiders able to catch a glimpse of your wedding. Your wedding is a very personal moment and some people appreciate the extra privacy!

REVIEWS. REVIEWS. REVIEWS. I can’t stress to you enough how important it is to do your research before considering a venue. Things you will want to know before falling in love with the style, is how friendly the staff is, if they are negotiable, if their prices are reasonable, how the property is maintained, etc. The last thing you want is to absolutely love the style and theme, but end up being disappointed with horrible customer service or to be ripped off. Use your head, not your eyes. Easier said than done, I know. At the end of the day venues are there to serve you and a venue that has put in the work to make their clients feel loved and appreciated will show through the reviews and even word of mouth.


Here are some important questions to ask your venue before you book them:

  • Is this the right size of venue for the number of guests I have?
    • Is it easy to find?
    • Where is parking? On-site or nearby? Does it cost extra?
    • Are their hotels close by if need be?
    • Are there shuttle services or transportation options for guests who have been drinking? 
    • Is there a dance floor?
    • If it’s an outdoor venue, is there an indoor location? (indoor backup plans are a must)
    • Do they allow outside vendors or do they have ones that they partner with?

This is an exciting time in your life, a time to celebrate love! I hope with all my heart that the wedding planning process is just another highlight of your story and not a tragedy. These steps and questions will get you that much closer to your happily ever after!

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