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Business Core Values

   A business with core values is a business with direction. Core values help point you in the direction you want to go with every decision no matter how small. Which is really important when you try to grow your business and implement new ideas! Now you’re probably wondering… “What core values could you possible have for your Wedding Photography business.” Well… I’m glad you asked!

Bless Others

White Willow Photography is here to Bless Others

The best advice I’ve been given for running my photography business is to serve others. The best way to grow in a service based industry is to serve your clients. One core pillar of my business is to always serve my clients. This could look like any number of things. I try to get my couples a gift for booking me and a wedding gift! Anything to make them feel loved!

Help Others Reach Their Goals

White Willow Photography is here to Help Others Reach Their Goals

I get the privilege of interacting with different people every year! Some of those are wedding photography clients, and others are photographers needing help! They all have goals. Some have the goal of planning their wedding without stressing, others just want to learn to use their camera. One of the best parts about what I do is being able to help people. I have and will continue to put out different resources like guides and blog posts to help others trying reach their goals!

Pursue Quality Content

White Willow Photography is here to Pursue Quality Content

The great part about photography is I get to create content day after day. (Some days it feels like a bad thing) This might be someones wedding photos or it might be a blog post like this. Either way I want to commit to putting out quality content. It can get easy to get lazy with certain things but that doesn’t help a company grow. People trusting me to take their wedding photos shouldn’t have to worry If I’ll slack off. I’m here to try my best!

Be Financially Stable

White Willow Photography is here to be Financially Stable

Okay this might sound like a weird one to have. But there’s a reason I don’t offer photo shoots for free. Charging the appropriate amount for my services is the reason I can wake up and call myself a photographer and a business owner. With out bookings and proper pricing I would resort to doing photography as a hobby and not be able to shoot so many weddings. It’s important for me to gauge what I need to charge for and what I can offer for free. It also means I need to be smart with the money that comes in.

Make A Difference

White Willow Photography is here to Make A Difference

Looking at the big picture It makes me wonder the impact my business can have not just with each individual that passes by but also on a larger scale. I truly believe even a photography business can change lives and that’s something I want for my business. It might be something small like making someone smile or giving them amazing wedding photos to look back on, or maybe just maybe my business can impact people on a larger scale. It’s not something I expect to happy but instead something I purse with my business.

Thank You

If you read this far then I got to say thank you for the support. Even just reading this blog helps. I enjoy what I do and I’m able to do it because of the people that support me. Even if It’s just liking my Instagram post! You’re pretty awesome!


    1. It’s been a little crazy but looks like we are coming to the end! There’s only restrictions on indoor gathers I believe. We just got rid of masks too!

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