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Grad Photos Winnipeg

It’s that time of the year! But maybe for you it’s your only child graduating! That’s so exciting! Big moments like that deserve to be hung up on your wall! I offer Grad Photos Winnipeg and Manitoba for that exact reason! 

Some Things to Consider

  1. Booking in advance! Sometimes Photographers book up all their grad sessions in January! That’s crazy. You don’t want to miss out on the photographer you want. So make sure you book far enough in advance.
  2. Pick your photographer accordingly to their style. There’s lots of things to consider when booking a photographer, one of the main things to consider is their style. A photographer can’t/wont change their style so your photos look good on your wall. Each photographer has their own style, make sure you book the right one for you!
  3. Location: Your photographer can totally help you out with this! Your blue dress might look really good with the downtown background! Or a white dress with a forest setting. Your photographer will likely have an answer for you!
  4. Time of Day: If possible an evening shoot would be best! Lighting will be softer and so much nicer.
Grad Photos Winnipeg

Book a Grad Session

I would be honoured to take your grad photos! Want to see if I’m still available? Fill out my contact form on my Contact page!

Grad Photos Winnipeg

grad photographer in winnipeg


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