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Winnipeg Tent Rentals

As a Winnipeg Wedding Photographer…

I’ve been around weddings enough to know where to get what. So I’m about to hook you up with the best places to get tent rentals in Winnipeg. These could easily be for your Winnipeg wedding or any other event! So instead of ranting on and on about this lets get straight into the information. (I know you’re here for the info)

Winnipeg Tent Rentals

#1 Springfield Tent Rentals


Springfield is a perfect choice if you’re wanting to rent a tent in the months of May-August. They have mini lights to light up your reception and a dance floor to throw down on. They serve the RM of Springfield and some of the surrounding areas. Make sure to check them out!


#2 Weatherwise Tent Rentals


They got you covered! They have been operating since 1996. Weatherwise tents are designed to be elegant and attractive. They are made with premium white materials. But don’t take my word for it! Go check them out!

#3 C&T Event Rentals


By far my favorite tent rental company! But I may be bias, because I really enjoy the white clean vibe they got going on. Especially with their website, go check it out! It’s pretty nice. They don’t only have tents but also other wedding rental equipment such as chairs, tables and décor.

Consider this for your Winnipeg Wedding

Here’s some extra tips and things to remember when renting a tent. 

  • Consider your location
  • Power/Water/Lighting
  • Weather
  • Location
  • Accessibility

Now all that’s left to do is grab your wedding tent! If you have anymore requests and questions I would be happy to help!

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