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Wedding Venues In Winnipeg

  As a Winnipeg wedding photographer, it’s valid to say that I’ve done my fair share of investigating not only for amazing places to take photos, but amazing places to have the wedding as whole! So, I thought I’d share what I’ve learned, to potentially save you a few steps in your planning! Here are my top 5 wedding venues in Winnipeg.

  1. Hawthorn Estates 

Let’s start with a popular one, Hawthorn Estates. There’s definitely a reason for its popularity… it’s absolutely breathtaking! It has the perfect balance between the rustic style and elegance. Hawthorn Estates is located just 15 minutes away from Selkirk, it’s not too far, but far enough away to be quite private! Their venue can hold up to 150 guests! On its property, it has a modern barn for an indoor event or a five acre lot filled with so many opportunities for a gorgeous outdoor wedding. A few spots such as the “marriage hill” and “the solarium” have such great and romantic set up potential. It has surrounding farmland and a lot of private grounds for those intimate couple photos! (My favourite part). Not only does this venue have beautiful reception and ceremony set ups, but they have a Hawthorn House… a perfect opportunity to get those IDEAL indoor house couple/engagement photos! A photographers dream!

I’m a wedding photographer so  I’ve been to my fair share of weddings. So if you have any questions or maybe you’re looking for a photographer then I’d love to chat!

If you’re looking to make your photographer really happy here are some things we look for.

  • Shade! Life saver on those harsh sunny days!
  • Good background, including a variation in locations without having to go to far.
  • Big open area for those nice bridal party shots!

 2. Prairie Homestead Weddings 

Next, I want to emphasize my love for Prairie Homestead Weddings. If you’re from Manitoba, I’m sure you can appreciate the name of their venue. Like Hawthorn Estates, this venue also has the perfect balance between the rustic style and elegance. Prairie Homestead might beat all of my top venues in the romance department and I’ll tell you why. Inside the dome like indoor facility, there are lights strung along the ceiling and a gorgeous chandelier, setting the mood. Also, the beautiful trees on the property have string lights hanging from the branches, making it look so unbelievably romantic. (Would be such a great photo opportunity, just saying). I’m a sucker for lighting – I’m a photographer, what can I say – so when I see a venue spice up their space with lights, it gets me so excited! Get this, their reception shed can hold up to 225 people! If you and your fiancé are planning to get getting ready photos done (you should), the bride will be very happy with the space she’s provided with… my girlfriend would tell me it’s the best part about the venue.

Check out these links to learn more:

Website: http://prairiehomesteadweddings.com
Instagram: https://instagram.com/prairiehomesteadweddings?igshid=mbwwhzhwv0s

 3. The Gables Wedding Barn

Farmhouse, but make it elegant. That’s the Gables Wedding Barn for you. A genius combination if you ask me. I couldn’t have designed a better looking venue, I give you my word. The modern, yet farm like white exterior of the barn is eye candy. The dream wedding photo location. The maximum guest number is a sweet spot at 200, not too many, not too restrictive. Perfect amount for the average wedding size! Something that makes this venue unique is that they have an outdoor option next to a wheat field which (trust me) looks absolutely stunning in photos! Besides the eye pleasing structural facility, they have a great list of preferred vendors to make your wedding planning even more easier for you! They also include a bunch of rentals in the venue booking fee (that’s a win). If you’re a fan of farmhouse like me, this is definitely, 100%, without a doubt, the spot for you and your fiancé!

My description doesn’t do them justice, take a look for yourself:

Website: https://www.thegablesweddingbarn.com
Inbstagram: https://instagram.com/gablesweddingbarn?igshid=1lqwopfz20gwv

  4.Cielo’s Garden

This location lands near Steinbach and needless to say… its gorgeous! If you want your wedding to be surrounded by nature where every you look, this is your place. If this venue fits your colour pallet and style you’re golden. 

Not only is their venue beautiful but their staff are next level. You’ll never feel so taken care of by anyone else!

Website: https://www.cielosgarden.com/Website: 
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/cielosgarden/?hl=enInbstagram: 

  5. Clear Lake – Elkhorn and Danceland

Last but not least I’m hitting you with a beautiful outdoor venue. As a huge outdoors guy I absolutely love this venue. This venue is right by a golf course and looks over the water. With the right light this location is stunning. After your ceremony you have the option to go down to the waters edge to take stunning sunset photos. Definitely worth considering!


Website: https://www.elkhornresort.mb.ca/weddings
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/elkhornresort/?hl=enInstagram: 


Finding the venue that suits you the best is tricky but definitely worth the work! No matter what venue you pick remember that the most important thing about your wedding will always be the experience. Make sure you do what you can to make the planning and even the wedding day a positive experience. Be in the moment and capture those memories!

wedding venues in winnipeg

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