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What’s In My Camera Bag 2022

If you ever wanted to know what gear I recommend or what gear I use day to day as a Winnipeg Wedding Photographer then I’m about to give you all the details! I’ll attach all the Amazon links below for you guys 🙂 Anyway here’s what’s in my camera bag 2022!

Peter Mckinnon Nomatic Travel Camera Bag

First of all we got to start with the bag and boy oh boy do I love this bag. At first I was scared dishing out this much cash just for a bag but it’s 100% worth it. Both Peter Mckinnon and Nomatic worked miracles with this bag. It was rated Camera Bag of the Year 2021. This bag lets me carry everything I need for each wedding without needing an extra bag. This bag is made to carry all the gear needed for a trip as well as clothes for 2-3 days! So much space. 

My favourite part about this bag is all the magnet clips. No more velcro or bad zippers. But with it being such a big bag what happens if I just want to take one camera out on a little walk and take photos? Great question! I don’t want to take this big bag along with me if I don’t need to. Which leads me into the Nomatic Peter Mckinnon Camera Cube!!!

Peter Mckinnon Nomatic Camera Cube

This combo with the Travel Bag is my favourite! This small backpack folds into a small little cube which fits into the Travel Bag. Then when I need a small bag I take it out and unzip it and there we go! It really comes in handy when I go on a 3 day trip where I need a big backpack but once I’m there I can go on walks and hikes with this small bag.

 I literally go around showing people because of how sick it is! If I didn’t explain that well there’s tons of great videos on this set up. I’ll attach one below!

Nikon Z6 ii & Z6

My two cameras I use are the Nikon Z6 and the Z6 ii. I’ve used Sony a little bit and not to offend anyone but these are by far the best mirrorless cameras I’ve used! I’ll leave links to both cameras below. With the FTZ adapter I’m still able to use my old DSLR lenses with it! If you’re a beginner photographer these are likely out of your price range and I would encourage you to do the best with the camera you have. Sad reality is your work won’t get that much better (if at all) just by upgrading your gear. Just so you don’t break the bank and realize nothing changed. Anyway… Mirrorless is amazing and these cameras are my bestfriends haha.


I’m going to list the lenses I have and why I like them and which I would recommend to you! Starting with the…

Nikon Z 35mm f1.8

There’s a lot of hype around the 35mm and honestly once you start using it it’s hard to take off your camera. I don’t like going any wider than 35mm for portraits because of the distortion. I’m 100% comfortable only using this lens for a photo session.

Nikon 85mm f1.4

Here’s my second most used lens and honestly I wish I used it more! I splurged a little and got the f1.4. If you don’t know what that means it basically means the lowest aperture the lens can go down to. The times I do get a good photo with this lens it’s always my favourite. Sometimes I find it hard to use such a zoomed in lens, but that’s just something I have to learn. 

Nikon 70-200mm f2.8

I bought this lens more as an investment. I found it basically brand new on Facebook Marketplace for dirt cheap. So one day I’ll plan to re sell it. This lens is often called the “Wedding Lens”. I use it mainly for ceremony’s when I want to get nice and close. I also used it a lot to get landscape photos when I want lots of compression. I don’t use it as much as I would if I didn’t have an 85mm.

My Recomendations

If you’re in the wedding business like me or just like taking photos of people I would highly recommend the 35mm and 85mm combo. This gives you a great range of compression to wide angle. Also since they’re both prime lenses (Don’t have zoom) they have a lower aperture. If you’re just starting out I would recommend a 50mm. This is a great option for a cheaper lens. Another option if you only want to buy one lens is the 24-70 lens. This lens is great all around and is also perfect for video. The downside is the high aperture. All depends on your budget and what you’re looking to shoot.

Things that just make sense!

With the expensive gear aside here’s some of the other things I keep on me!


A good tripod goes a long way. I take a lot of self portraits so it’s great to have a heavy tripod with a ball joint mount. This one isn’t the lightest or smallest but having a nice quality tripod means you don’t have to worry about your expensive camera crashing to the ground.

Battery Pouch

Honestly one of my favourite purchases! All it is is a pouch with slots for your camera batteries. But what makes me love it so much is that first of it keeps all my batteries in one place but also I can tell which battery needs charge and which one is full. The batteries full of charge I have facing down and the one needing to be charged face up. That way at a glance I know which batteries to charge and which to use! For $17.99 it’s worth it!

Small Rig

The Small Rig is a tool that comes in handy so many times. It’s helped me do everything from put my camera on my tripod to assemble IKEA furniture. So handy! 

Cleaning Kit

Cameras are expensive so make sure you clean them… Enough said.

Sd Card Case

I’m using this less and less because of my switch to XQD Cards. But if you use Sd cards then this is perfect for you! Keeping them safe and all in one spot for $20.00.

What’s in my Camera Bag

If you have questions about any of the links I have listed or just about the gear I use let me know! These links are affiliate links and I do earn a percentage. So if you do want to support me you can use these links 🙂 

I hope this helps you crush your photography journey!

Business Core Values

   A business with core values is a business with direction. Core values help point you in the direction you want to go with every decision no matter how small. Which is really important when you try to grow your business and implement new ideas! Now you’re probably wondering… “What core values could you possible have for your Wedding Photography business.” Well… I’m glad you asked!

Bless Others

White Willow Photography is here to Bless Others

The best advice I’ve been given for running my photography business is to serve others. The best way to grow in a service based industry is to serve your clients. One core pillar of my business is to always serve my clients. This could look like any number of things. I try to get my couples a gift for booking me and a wedding gift! Anything to make them feel loved!

Help Others Reach Their Goals

White Willow Photography is here to Help Others Reach Their Goals

I get the privilege of interacting with different people every year! Some of those are wedding photography clients, and others are photographers needing help! They all have goals. Some have the goal of planning their wedding without stressing, others just want to learn to use their camera. One of the best parts about what I do is being able to help people. I have and will continue to put out different resources like guides and blog posts to help others trying reach their goals!

Pursue Quality Content

White Willow Photography is here to Pursue Quality Content

The great part about photography is I get to create content day after day. (Some days it feels like a bad thing) This might be someones wedding photos or it might be a blog post like this. Either way I want to commit to putting out quality content. It can get easy to get lazy with certain things but that doesn’t help a company grow. People trusting me to take their wedding photos shouldn’t have to worry If I’ll slack off. I’m here to try my best!

Be Financially Stable

White Willow Photography is here to be Financially Stable

Okay this might sound like a weird one to have. But there’s a reason I don’t offer photo shoots for free. Charging the appropriate amount for my services is the reason I can wake up and call myself a photographer and a business owner. With out bookings and proper pricing I would resort to doing photography as a hobby and not be able to shoot so many weddings. It’s important for me to gauge what I need to charge for and what I can offer for free. It also means I need to be smart with the money that comes in.

Make A Difference

White Willow Photography is here to Make A Difference

Looking at the big picture It makes me wonder the impact my business can have not just with each individual that passes by but also on a larger scale. I truly believe even a photography business can change lives and that’s something I want for my business. It might be something small like making someone smile or giving them amazing wedding photos to look back on, or maybe just maybe my business can impact people on a larger scale. It’s not something I expect to happy but instead something I purse with my business.

Thank You

If you read this far then I got to say thank you for the support. Even just reading this blog helps. I enjoy what I do and I’m able to do it because of the people that support me. Even if It’s just liking my Instagram post! You’re pretty awesome!

My Experience Shooting for Bud Light Seltzer

Aw Heck Ya! Wedding photographer turned NHL Mascot Photographer.


Let’s start at the beginning. I was minding my own business (probably editing photos) and I got a call from Toronto. The man asked if I shoot cooperate events, in which I replied that I do! He went on to ask if I was free and some other details. I then budded in and asked what this cooperate event was? He said he is with Bud Light and they need someone to take photos of their mascot at the next Winnipeg Jets hockey game. I’m no mascot photographer but of course this sounded interesting so I said I would do it!

I had some emails back and forth between Bud Light and myself and they told me to meet in the stadium about an hour before it was open to the public. I was told to use the side door. I’ve never been to a NHL game before and I was definitely not confident where the side door would be. With no reply to the email I told myself “Screw it” and thought I would find it myself

Game Day 

I won’t bare you with the details about how the power steering in my car suddenly stopped working and how I had to drive the families old farm truck through downtown trying to find a parkade that had room for a tall truck. I managed to get there with some time to spare and I walked over to what I expected to be the side door. It was not… I asked around and managed to find it. It was these two unlabeled metal  doors hidden around the corner. I went in and the only thing they checked was my vaccination card. I walked down the stairs and found myself wall to wall with what felt like hundreds of people. I went through security and I was the only person with a giant backpack. So they pulled me aside and searched the backpack but again no one asked why I was there. I simply just walked in…

I found the Bud Light team and we got to work. I met the mascot and got some shots before the fans were let in. After a couple photos we were given a break and so I went into the stadium and sat down for a bit. This was actually one of the biggest highlights. The stadium was empty… So cool!

As guests started to flow through the gates, the mascot Seltzy got busy! Meeting fans, Playing Games, and Dancing. I basically just followed up around for this! This is where I got a little peak into the mascot world. Turns out there’s something called a mascot handler. This persons job is to keep the mascot on track and in the right place. Between reading the schedule and radioing with the cameras and telling Seltzy which way to look and wave, they had their work cut out for them. I went with Seltzy from the Nose Bleeds to the VIP section. 

Of course I wasn’t about to go to an NHL game with all my camera equipment without getting some action shots. I made sure during every free moment to get some hockey photos. I thought they turned out pretty good! 

Overall it was just a very fun / weird experience. Definitely one I wont be forgetting. I can’t wait for the next memorable shoot to come around!

Grad Photos Winnipeg

It’s that time of the year! But maybe for you it’s your only child graduating! That’s so exciting! Big moments like that deserve to be hung up on your wall! I offer Grad Photos Winnipeg and Manitoba for that exact reason! 

Some Things to Consider

  1. Booking in advance! Sometimes Photographers book up all their grad sessions in January! That’s crazy. You don’t want to miss out on the photographer you want. So make sure you book far enough in advance.
  2. Pick your photographer accordingly to their style. There’s lots of things to consider when booking a photographer, one of the main things to consider is their style. A photographer can’t/wont change their style so your photos look good on your wall. Each photographer has their own style, make sure you book the right one for you!
  3. Location: Your photographer can totally help you out with this! Your blue dress might look really good with the downtown background! Or a white dress with a forest setting. Your photographer will likely have an answer for you!
  4. Time of Day: If possible an evening shoot would be best! Lighting will be softer and so much nicer.
Grad Photos Winnipeg

Book a Grad Session

I would be honoured to take your grad photos! Want to see if I’m still available? Fill out my contact form on my Contact page!

Grad Photos Winnipeg

grad photographer in winnipeg

2021 Photography Recap

The Year My Life Changed

   2021 was an interesting year to say the least… but for me it was especially interesting. You probably aren’t here to listen to me get sentimental about my summer so I’ll spare you the time. But I will say that through everything God had a plan for me.

– Weddings

This is where I was really blown away. The year 2020 was my first year shooting weddings and I shot 4 that year. In 2021, I was hoping for 7 which was a stretch, but I wanted to really push myself. At the time, I was working full time at a trucking company and working on photography in the evening. Here’s the crazy part. I ended up shooting 18 weddings this year! 

I’m so so blessed to be able to turn my hobby into a job. I won’t get into how I was able to use the pandemic to market my business. I’ll just say it’s been a blessing and a curse. 

I was able to quit my job and work for myself full time. This came with its challenges, you see by nature I’m a procrastinator and learning to work from home was one of my biggest challenges. 

Little Recap

This year I was able to meet so many people and go so many places. But like I said, let’s not get sentimental. Maybe this will help put it into perspective. I took 60,983 photos this summer!! Of some of the most amazing people from Manitoba, I might add. That’s a lot! And yes I did go through each of those photos and picked out the ones to edit. There’s a couple shoots that stick out specifically. If I could, I would share all the photos I’ve taken, but I simply can’t, so here’s a couple 🙂

Zane & Taylor

The day from start to finish was as close to a perfect day for a photographer as you can get! Beautiful weather, bottomless poutine, and of course an amazing couple. These photos will forever be some of my favourite. Want to see more photos? Check out this blog post.

winnipeg wedding at the gables wedding barn
Cinthia & Josiah

This wedding had a bumpy start with some car troubles on the way to the wedding and then needing to find a ride. However the rest of the wedding was nothing short of stunning. Check out some of these!

Wedding Dress in Winnipeg Photography

I’m going to start sounding like a broken record but this engagement session was beautiful. I always love when the couple starts by saying they are bad at taking photos. Gives me a chance to prove them wrong.  This session we went around Birds Hill during golden hour getting some cute pics.


Shout out to this couple for agreeing to drive to Steep Rock for their engagement session! And boy oh boy was it worth it. Spent some time during sunset taking some photos on the cliffs. Check them out!


This has got to be one of my favourite winter shoots! Like come on! There was literally a hallmark movie being filmed down the street. These two brought the vibes too. Such a great time!

Justin & Carmen

Winter weddings can be so beautiful. This couple had their wedding plans change again and again but were able to have their wedding at the Centennial Concert Hall. This winter day ended up only being -2. Had a great time shooting in the Exchange with this amazing couple.

Amanda & Pavel

Yes, the perfect fall wedding does exist and I got to take photos for it!!! These are two of the nicest people I’ve met and also models. I couldn’t be more happy with how the photos came out!

How much does a wedding photographer cost per hour
Makoy & Danica

It was an amazing experience being able to be a part of this wedding. I knew the groom from church, so it made it extra special. This was one of my first 10 person weddings and I got to say, there’s something special about them. 

Elopement Packages Alberta

We will end off with another amazing engagement session. This one took me to Stoney Mountain Quarry. These two braved the cold fall day for these photos so props to them! We had fun exploring the area and getting some fun photos!

New Things to Come

I really wish I could have shared more sessions with you guys. But seeing as 2022 is coming up I figure sooner is better than later. In 2022 I have a lot of big things coming and I can’t wait for all the new adventures I’ll have. If you want to continue to follow what I’m up to you can follow my Instagram.

First of all, thank you to all of you that trusted me with your wedding photos and couple photos. And second of all, thank you to all of you that have supported me along the way! 

Happy New Year!

Winnipeg Gift Certificate Photography

Gift Certificate for Photography

Want the perfect gift for the person that has “everything” or doesn’t need anything? Gifting a photo shoot is a great present for your Mom or significant other. Get a well designed Winnipeg gift certificate Photography.

Photos are something they can look back on 2,4, or even 10 years later and still smile. 

Get your Gift Certificate or ask your questions.

What kind of photo sessions are available? 

There’s a lot of different options for different sessions you can buy your loved ones. The most common is probably a family session for your parents. Ya your mom will appreciate a new pot or pan, but no present will mean more to your mom than family.

Family / Couple / Grad

Another great option is buy your parents or grandparents a couple session. I love asking couples that have been married 30+ years how long it’s been since they have had a photo taken together. For most of them they say years and years. A lot of times it takes a little push to get them to get some photos together.

Frame Those Memories for Years to Come

If you’re considering a Gift Certificate for a photo shoot as a preset than first of all thank you, second of all I your family will love you. It’s a great way to support local and get new photos on the wall.

Wedding at the Gables Wedding Barn

My wedding at the Gables Wedding Barn was amazing! Not only was the costumer service top notch but the place is just simply stunning. 

If you’re currently searching for a Wedding venue or looking for more wedding photos I’ve shot, than you came to the right place! I’ll also be sharing more of an inside look at what a wedding looked like at the Gables wedding barn.

You can check out the Gables Wedding Barn website Here.

Zane + Taylor

We started the morning with some typical Detail Shots. These normally consist of some photos of the building, rings, bouquet, and dress photos. Both me and the Videographer (Everett Derksen) found a great spot to put down the ring and shoes for photos. 

Gables Wedding Barn
wedding bouquet in winnipeg manitoba
Photography at gables wedding barn

We then got ready to do some fun outdoors shots with the bride and brides maids before they got into their dresses. I love these shots so much because It’s the perfect way to destress a little and have fun with your friends. 

We planned to do the champagne pop outside in a bit of shade.

Bridesmaid ideas winnipeg
gables wedding barn altona

Getting Ready

The Gables Wedding Barn has this amazing room in the back for the bride to get ready. Most of the morning it was used for the family to sit around and also for hair and make up. The room also has two barn doors to it. Which are probably my favourite. You’ll see why in the photos below 😉

We then had the first look between the bride and her father as well as with the bridesmaids.

winnipeg wedding at the gables wedding barn
winnipeg wedding photographer
wedding getting ready photos
First Look photography winnipeg
wedding photography in winnipeg


The tears were real during this ceremony! We were so fortunate to have the perfect weather for an outdoor ceremony! A little windy but still nice. 

The Gables Wedding Barn has this amazing field in the background behind the ceremony. The whole thing was just amazing. We got to experience a big Manitoban sky in the background which was just the icing on the cake.

Winnipeg Wedding Photographer

Cocktail Hour

gables wedding barn in altona

Bridal Party & Couple Photos

After cocktail hour we went straight into some family photos and then bridal party photos. The Gables Wedding Barn has this large open green area that was perfect for groups and couple shots. One thing that made this area so nice is that the sun in the afternoon and evening was back lighting this area. Which is my favourite kind of lighting!

Altona wedding photographer
the gables wedding barn altona
the gables wedding barn
winnipeg wedding


After the excitement of the couple photos we went inside for the reception. This is where the Gables Wedding Barn really shines. They have an amazing indoor set up and it was perfect for all the guests. Supper was provided by Extreme Fries, they had bottomless poutine. Everyones dream right?!?!

The evening was fill with speeches, dessert, and some other fun. Afterwards we head outside for some dances!

winnipeg wedding at the gables wedding barn
winnipeg wedding photographer
gables wedding barn altona


What a great way to end off a wedding day! The Gables Wedding Barn has this great outdoor area with hanging lights and a comfy sitting area which was perfect for the dance.

Definitely one of my highlights from the day!

wedding day dance photos
wedding at the gables wedding barn
winnipeg manitoba altona wedding photographer
the gables wedding barn


for some odd reason i woke up with the feeling that it would be one of my favourite weddings of 2021 and I was right… The whole experience was amazing! A huge thank you to The Gables Wedding Barn. I’ll link to them below. If you have read this far you should check them out.

Another mention goes out to Zane and Taylor! These two were such a pleasure to capture. Not only were they super organized which always makes my job easier but they were also just a hoot to be around.

If you want to check out more of my work you can feel free to visit my portfolio here!

Photographers for Real Estate

Photographers for Real Estate / Winnipeg Real Estate Photographer

   It’s hard finding the right photographers for real estate photography. Hey I’m a Winnipeg (and Manitoba) Real Estate Photographer. If you’re planning on selling or even renting your home, then professional photos can make all the difference. I know what you’re thinking, your iPhone can take some pretty great photos. And to that I say… True. But don’t forget that Real Estate sells %32 faster with professional photos.

Book Now


Check out my packages to see if we are the right fit. Not in your budget? Or want to get more information? Contact me and we will figure something out!

Pricing starting at $150

Basic Package


20-30 Photos

High Res Images

1 Hour

Premium Package


40-50 Photos

High Res Images

2 Hours

Did you know?

 – Home Buyers spend over %60 of their time looking at listing images. 

 – Properties with good quality images get over 118% more views then other properties.

 – With good quality photos you can sell your property %39 closer to it’s original listing.

These facts are brought to you by Photo and Video Edits.com

Real Estate Photographer Winnipeg

Sound Good?

Great! I would love to hear more about your vision and expectations. It’s really important to be able to express your vision and so I can replicate it. Finding  Photographers for real estate is hard, and finding a good and experienced one is even harder. Hopefully this can be the end of your search. Me and my team of photographers have been doing photography for years. 

I’m primarily a wedding photographer based in Winnipeg Manitoba. However each winter I decide to take on some real estate work. If you’re in need of professional photos done to sell your property, I would be happy to help. 

When I take photos I normally end up taking more photos then less. Afterwards I go through all the photos I took and pick out the best real estate photos. Then I go through and edit them to look the best! After some final checks and adjustments they are sent your way through an online gallery! Pretty cool eh?

Want to see more photos?

Hopefully this helped you find some photographers for real estate. If you are looking for one in Winnipeg, Manitoba I would be happy to help! Feel Free to reach out!

Places to Visit in Banff

If you’re reading this you’re probably planning a trip to one of my favourite places on earth. Lucky you! Or maybe you just want to start planning your dream trip. Either way I wanted to share some places to visit in Banff. 

Avoiding Crowds

Now these spots may not be the best of Banff, but if you’re anything like me then you want a find a way to enjoy Banff without the wall to wall crowds. As a photographer I really prefer not getting people in the photos. So you might want to visit Lake Louise, which is great but I want to share some hidden areas that are stunning!

You’ll be surprised that it’s pretty rare for tourists to leave the paved paths. So if you’re interested in finding your own hidden gems then find a path or road and get lost! Be adventurous and you’ll find your own private spot under the mountains! 

Vermillion Lakes

Easily one of my favourite places in Banff. Located 5 minutes from Banff. You can find these cute little docks along the lakes. You can often find people bringing their canoes to these lakes. 10/10 would go again!

Mount Norquay Look Out

Okay this is another must! You can drive up to a look out where you can see over the Vermillion Lakes as well as Banff. During sunset this location is stunning. When I went I was able to see a rainbow over Banff as well as a big heard of mountain goats.

Lake Minnewanka 

This area definitely had some tourists walking around. However we had enough space that we were able to enjoy the area. On Lake Minnewanka you can find the docks. This is another on my list of favourites! The view was so amazing and the rocks on the shore just added so much. It’s hard to describe how much of a wow-factor this area had. 

Bow Valley Parkway

On your way to Johnston Canyon you got to stop by this meadow! The photo below might be my favourite from my entire trip. I attached the coordinates from the location below. You can copy and paste those into your map app.

51.26220651917786, -115.90218531805527

Getting Lost

Honestly It was so special to share moments under the mountains with no crowds around holding up their smart phone. I know that isn’t something that bugs everyone but if you’re anything like me then finding your own path is a great way to do it. I encourage you to find a cool road or trail and honestly just get lost. You’ll find the coolest spots! 

Travel Safe!
Each year I try to make it out to Alberta, but more specifically Banff. It’s so special to be able to capture engagements, couples, and even weddings! If you’re interested in booking a session check it out here!

How Much Does a Wedding Photographer Cost Per Hour

If you’re reading this you’re probably either a photographer trying to price themselves or you’re a bride or groom looking into prices for a wedding photographer! Either way I’m going to do my best to tell you how much does a wedding photographer cost per hour! 

Wedding Photographer

Wedding packages can differ depending on a lot of things. Things like do they offer prints or a USB, how much value do they provide during the planning process, and obviously the quality of their work. This is one reason it’s so hard to price your work as a photographer but also it’s hard to see which photographer is best for you! 

Every Photographer will provide value in different ways

How much does a wedding photographer cost per hour

How much does a Wedding Photographer Cost per Hour

I’ll try to break this down so it’s nice and simple for you! So in Canada the full day packages can very but I would say the average is $2000-$5000. Which by this info means a photographer costs $200-$500 an hour for a 10 hour day. Why so expensive? I’m glad you asked!

Why so expensive?

Ya to some people photography may just be pointing the camera and pushing buttons. I would disagree with that view. With the whole knowledge side of photography aside, just talking about the equipment and subscriptions it can get pricy.

x2 Cameras: $500-$4000

x5 Sd Cards: $50-$200

x3 Lenses: $300-$4000

Laptop/computer: $2000

Subscriptions: $300/month

Harddrives: $300

And that’s only the start of it! I know pretty crazy right? Photographers are the people to rob… haha Please don’t. And all this equipment needs to be replaced either every year or every couple years. 

Another reason photographers can be so expensive is because they only have a limited amount of weekends they can shoot. If they have more inquires than they can shoot they may as well raise their prices.

Don’t Book Based on Price!

I don’t know the place you’re in and the budget you have to work with but it’s important to book a photographer based on style over price. The photographer you want to book won’t change their style so the photos go well on your wall. With that said try to find a photographer that fits the style of photos you want as well as the person you fit with. This of course doesn’t mean go out of your budget just because you want the top of the line photographer.

I hope this helped you on your search for a photographer! If you have more questions I’m always willing to answer them! 



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